Tragedy -> Comedy

We got stopped while driving on our own way at a scene where a gentle man was bashing an auto driver.The auto driver was not at all resisting the punches he’s receiving. We felt so sorry for the poor fellow. But had a closer look at the scene.The gentleman’s car was damaged partially in the side portion.Two big scratches and one of the head lights completely damaged!! Understood what had happened.One of the enthusiastic spectators like us(?) asked the gentle man,”what happened? why are you beating him so mercilessly?”.Then the gentleman took a break from beating and said(gasping),”this bloody fellow smashed my new car..just one day see..just temporarily registered…”…”Mera nayaa gaadi..(my new car)…bloddy hell..mera nayaa gaadi…” and continued to beat the auto driver.

Then our “sorry” was shifted towards the gentleman from the autowallah,feeling,”how disgusting these auto drivers careless at…”

Suddenly one young chap from the crowd went on sayng,”nayaa gaadi,nayaa ghar,nayaa biwi…..” (new car,new home,new wife…).Mimicking the famous Asian Paints Ad.(The Asian Paints ad depicting a house that does not look run down with time, while the owner’s car does and the family enlarges had a comprehension crisis in terms of product identity.)

Then an abrupt laughter spread around.

Well,pity and fear are the natural human response to spectacles of pain and suffering-especially to the sort of suffering that can strike anybody at any time. But diversion from the main problem can become comic. The above scene seemed like a tragedy at first….but you’ve seen that’s how turned around to a comic in the end. Or one’s own tragedy can be seen as a comedy to others?

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