XYZ circle.On a cold rainy night, at 11:00pm. The wind was whistling all its charms..There was not a soul on the road when he was trying to set right the umberilla with one hand and a briefcase with another and began walking in the Benz center.It was one of those nights when anyone with any sense at all should have been home in a warm bed with a hot drink, a fluffy blanket or something good like that. But unfortunately, he had to be there. “Shit like this happens..”,he felt. And the rain didn’t allow him to walk further.Found a shade and began to wait for an auto or something.

After a fifteen minutes dreadful wait,he saw an auto coming down.Topped a rise..It prepared to slow down for him.

“Kidhar?” (Where to go?)

“Railway station”

“Bees rupayya hoga..Doge? Nahin to…” (20 bucks..otherwise,i won’t..),said with demanding voice..

“Theek hai bhai saab..Chalo tho..”(It’s ok man..let’s go..),got into the auto with no choice.


Three days later..Normal clear blue sky,in the morning.No sign of rains. He came out of the Railway station and sat in a metered auto.

“Kidhar?” (Where to go?)

“XYZ Circle..”


“Roko..roko..” (Stop..stop..) “Kitna hua?” (Howmuch?)

“Aap hi dekhlo….”(You can look at the meter…)

Meter showed Rs.31/-…

Puzzled him, gave the fare,while thinking,”i should have taken that night-auto driver’s(messiah’s) mobile number…”

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