On the road

What will you do if a man appears from ‘nowhere’ in front of your vehicle, casually trying to cross the road, oblivious of the traffic around him? Probably you have to brake suddenly, your vehicle can be skidded and there can be a chance to be hit by a car following you.. Is this all due to Jay-walking? Jay-walking may not be a common word in Hyderabad.But, on the city roads, people suddenly appearing in the middle of the road, is quite commonplace.
Zebra crossings are redundant and with no law enacted yet by the state government to tackle the problem, policemen can say the situation is ‘hopeless’ and they can do little beyond telling the people. And I have never seen any traffic policeman ask pedestrians to use the zebra crossing. Without any fear of being fined or reprimanded, people are getting callous…Traffic policemen can confess it’s a tough job stopping people. It is not just the rustic folk who break laws. Even the elite take things so callously.
Sometimes people who are generally careful tend to get careless..It could be…they are late for work,a date…various reasons!But I believe in “better safe than sorry”.So I just go on waiting and waiting…Lolz
But then that reminds me “ships are safe in the harbour…but thats not what ships are meant for!” On similar lines…”people are safe on one side of the road…but thats not what people are meant for…they are born to cross roads?!”

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