BPL and rags

What is BPL – yeah right it stands for the one below powerty line, and mind you thats not the misspelling, 60-70% of the Indian population are below the poverty line and its disheartening to see that they constitute the majority and are resposnsible for choosing the Indian government and beaurocracy, and the Indian politicians know how to use this weakling to their advantage by luring them with the rags and morsels of food.

Who is gonna pull India out? I call this population the one with the real POWER, but until they are opressed and ignored they can’t really come out of this situation, getting worser year by year and genaration by generation they’ll get deeper into it, richer gets richer and poor gets poorer, there is no incentive for any one to be living in villages and feel great about it.

And if you want to know why this quite calm guy is so hell bent on the cause of poverty, politics and power, I noticed something today which I will not be able to forget for the rest of my life.


Act I, Scene I, light camera action!

Two kids and an adult in rags and a badly disheveled appearance cross the road at Madhapur dominoe’s crossing.

Act I, Scene II light camera action!

I stare at them and shrug my shoulder, snubbed and moved ahead!

Act I, Scene III light camera action!

And I see all three of them clinging onto the local dumpster and fighting for something, I assumed it be some piece of plastic they were tracking inside, but then I realized the adult succeeded and he was out of the cycle with a smile of contentment and he was religiously trying to bite onto the ingot of rice and then trying to chew it hard! he was contented, and the poor dogs were salivating and staring greedly at his prized possession..

Act I Scene IV, flashback

OMG, I just left a slice of pizza back at the piza hut only to be thrown in the bin, never realizing the fate it would meet. Call this the act of god, the result of his karma, or the callousness of modern day man, the world is going to dogs.

Man if this continues to be the state of poverty – and if they were to decide the fate of the nation by choosing the leader of the democracy, they’ll always struggle for the basic amenities such as, food, water, cloth, shelter and education.

Poltical parties seem to be following the dictum of divide and rule, our own cabinet members just ended up tabling a proposal for 49.5% reservation in school colleges and government jobs. Some time me thinks why it shouldn’t be based on poverty level or the remoteness of their domicile or number of siblings, etc. atleast it would end up enforcing some self discipline in an otherwise such an indisciplined nation. Come on dudes be innovative it pays to be there, u represent us..

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  1. xyz (unregistered) on August 28th, 2006 @ 4:34 pm

    All this stuff sucks. Nothing works. Just live your life, eat your food, sleep your sleep, have your sex, die your death. Lets not try to be nice, we are indeed not.

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