So I’m browsing in the bookstore when this guy comes up to me and says, “For a second there, I thought you were my friend’s brother.”

I look up at him and say, “What?”

“My friend’s brother. He’s got the spects and a jerkin like that.”

Dim memory beings to bubble up. I still remember my friends telling there’s a chap in Police department, who just looks like me.

“Oh,then your friend’s brother is an IPS officer?” I say.

“Nope,he works with HSBC…” he says.

“Oh..i see..” I say.Me thinking,”so there’s another look-alike!”

He continues to stand there. I look back at my book.

He says, “You look like him.”

I put the book down and say, “Nope. I’ve no brother or cousin in HSBC..Never even gone to that bank too.”

He looks at me.

“And in the near future i don’t wanna open an account there.”

He says, “Heeh.”

And continues to stand there.

It’s at this point that I notice he’s a bookstore employee.

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