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Proactive government- now wooing the textile sector

There was this little piece of news today. On how the AP Government is managing new inndustries. We always hear about how MNCs are wooed. But was pleasantly surprised to see how far the government is going to attract even domestic corporations.

AP has been trying for quite some time to carve out a slice of the Textiles pie. Somehow hasnt been able to achieve much. And so the govt approached one of the largest textile export houses (with 750+ crores turnover anually). And the whole episode started with someone from the govt calling up the CEO of the company saying that the CM wants to come and meet (can you believe this?). The person, very rightfully, said that he will come down here and meet the CM. At the meeting the govt asked him on what it will take for him to setup a factory here in Hyderabad. He resisted citing the lack of textile infrastructure and the upstream and downstream eco-system. Point blank the govt officials asked him on what all would he need for him to setup a plant here. He was surprised.. and probably skeptical as well. He went back…

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