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Bull ride

Where else in Hyderabad,can you experience great food, great music, fresh air, and a mechanical bull ride?
It’s at Eat Street,Necklace road

Common sense needed

It was bit frustrating and annoying today when I made my drove to Hyderabad Central. It was approximately 2:00 pm in the afternoon. Residents of Hyderabad know that the place is now chaos due to the flyover construction near Panjagutta signal.

Needless to say about the driving sense in Hyderabad, I managed my way to the entrance of Hyderabad Central. I had to wait for more than 20 mins to pass the entry gate. Reason, I m not sure, they did not allow 2 wheelers inside central parking area. One person in a bike, was arguing with the security person of central to get inside blocking the way for the 4 wheelers to pass inside. The person was so adamnt and senesless and couldnt hear to the honking noice or others abusing her from their cars. At last after 20 mins when another person in a car infront of me stepped down and pointed that person towards the traffic and all the waiting cars to central finally made its way inside.

Mindset of the people in a sensitive city

What will you do when you see a bag being dropped(probably slipped) from a scooter ahead of you? Particularly if you’re living in a sensitive city like Hyderabad!

Will you pickup the bag and hand it over to the scooterist thereby helping him?
You simply go by your own way neglecting what had happened?

You must hesitate to say “yes” to the first option! Cause: There might be some explosives or ammunition or any dreaded weapons inside the bag..Or you may think you can get trapped Or something bad will happen.

Don’t get surprised! Most of the people here are thinking like that only and they are very scared and their helping nature is going to diminished…That could be due Mumbai blasts or whatevrer the past extremist activities happened here in Hyderabad or anywhere in the country.Police had beefed up security arrangements at key installations here, like Hitec City etc.And I’m not going to tell you about how sensitive the city has become now a days… But I’d like to share my feelings about how people’s attitude changed due to the mishappennings..New mindset of the people!! Not only people of Hyderabad but all those terror affected cities in the world….
Those mishappennings certainly have left a negative impact on public minds; which is, that the state set-up, whether it is being led by a popularly elected government, does not seem to provide them enough security. A feeling that forces people to be scared of moving outside at public spots, of travelling in public and private transport, including trains and buses, as nobody knows when a bomb hidden beneath a seat or in an abandoned suitcase or bag will suddenly explode.
This topic could be debated just depending on what your belief system and tolerance are. Is there such a thing as perfect balance with personal invasion with security measures? I don’t think there will ever be one. Who is to say what that line is?
We may not actually be safer. If someone is really intent on doing damage, they will find a way and do whatever it takes to get the job done. I mean we are dealing with people who are willing to die for their cause at any cost. How does one truly combat that type of mentality? Where do you begin?

Random checking by Police!! Personally I don’t mind the searching of bags.. Is this practice of random searchings likley to extend to other areas of our lives? I’d bet on it. What if the next attack involves some suicide bomber in a cafeteria, hospital, elevator shaft … Are we going to start opening ourselves to random bag checkings wherever the cops want to be? How much are you willing to give up to feel safer? I would rather Police take some action rather then sit back and sit on their caboose. Sure maybe I might be late to my office, dinner, etc…but at least I would still get to my destination. We may not be able to stop them, but shoot…I want to make it as hard as possible to try something. This is where that search comes in.
In a perfect world we would have those x-ray machines like you see good ‘ol Arnold running through in Total Recall, but it’s not. I don’t know what a permanent solution would be, would it be Metal Detectors? Chemical Sensors? Perhaps video cameras on each train, car or bus? Transit police in all trains?
Ok..Fears about acts of terrorism have become prominent concerns in the lives of many individuals.
We are reminded regularly of terrorist attacks in other countries, especially in the Middle East. We are also reminded of the possibility of such attacks in the United States as terror alert levels are reported and warnings issued, and as we witness guards with machine guns not only at our airports but in our cities as well. Newspapers, magazines, and television broadcasts constantly highlight the reality.There is a growing literature defining the characteristics possessed by resilient people, what we refer to as a “resilient mindset.” Not only can we reinforce this mindset in our children, but there are steps we can take to cultivate this mindset within ourselves.
In our day-to-day lives there is little that the average citizen can do to prevent a terrorist act. This does not mean we cannot be more alert at airports or other sensitive locations, nor does it mean that we should deny or ignore possible danger. However, the reality is that most terrorists are not going to advertise their plans. As some experts have noted, terrorists thrive on disrupting one’s sense of security and safety and infusing anxiety into all parts of our lives. In some instances they have succeeded, leaving people less hopeful and more helpless about the present and the future. When this anxious, pessimistic state of mind prevails, the terrorists have accomplished part of their goal.We believe that even in the midst of the threat of terrorism,people can strive to develop a mindset and lifestyle that is rooted in the premise, “I am the author of my own life. There are many areas over which I have control and I must focus on these lest I be swept away by anxiety, sadness, helplessness, and hopelessness.”
The development and maintenance of a resilient mindset is one of the best measures we can take to assume a satisfying, joyful life and not succumb to the psychological assault of terrorism. We must do this for ourselves, our children, our neighbors, and for the future of our country.


One of my close friends’uncle retired from government services in the last month.So I thought it would be a right time to discuss about the life of senior citizens after their retirement.Will these people have to end up all their activities and sit idle in the corner of the house? What are old people for?How Elders Will Save the World? Growing old doesn’t have to be about nursing homes and wheel chairs..

A saying runs that “talents are exhausted with the coming of old age” and our elders generally believe it…Whatever happens,they say,”old people must live in quiteness,we are old,we have no more ambition.It is upto our children to take charge of temporal affairs..we are nearing death,we need not be active any longer.” But they should not think like that..They have to take lead and encourage and impart their experiences to their children..

We live in a society now that is organized around the percept that adulthood lasts forever.That once you become a productive,independent adult there is no other aceptable way to live.You can ask any geriatrician who takes care of older people,and he can tell you that there are millions of people out there who are clinging on to the myth of independence because they’re afraid that if they lose their grip on independence they’ll be removed from community and placed in a nursing home.Our society looks at old age and sees one thing;and that is decline…And is, therefore,blind to some of the most miraculous things that old age has to offer…

Noe let me just say that the emotional life of older people in general is more positive,less negative,more resilient generally than the emotional life of younger people..The reason that’s often been true is that elders generally don’t lust after the latest mobile phone or any fancy car; they’re generally much more interested in the well-being of their family and the future well-being of their grand children and so on and so they have a different take on the environment very often than we people do…And the first and primary function of elderhood is grandparenting and it’s been a staggering success..

And part of reason I wrote this post was to help people see the potential for a new future where old age is truly respected and an honored part of our social fabric..


Yesterday it just happened to see a news paper.In that I found one horrible news. A man committed suicide. He was the father of four children, the oldest being 11, the youngest being 3, and his wife found him in their bedroom where he had hanged himself.
I am telling you this because when I read this news, I almost hit the floor. That could have been anyone who is under depression. It could have been your kids who were left without a parent, spouse without a partner. During the worst times you can think about suicide. You can think about how you will do it, perhaps hang yourself with the dog’s leash, or maybe grab every pill you have in the cabinet and drown them with a couple shots of tequila. You want to do something, anything to stop the pain.
Too much is misunderstood about depression, and too many people do not take it seriously. That’s why I have been so open about what I studied about depression, to try and put a face to it for those of you who don’t understand it. It’s a physically painful disease, one that can ruin lives, one that can kill. I almost died from it.
We should wrangle our insurance companies to get them to pay for all the psychiatric treatments we receive since having the baby. They won’t pay for NOTHING, including your hospital stay. This makes no sense considering that we are on one of the best insurance plans offered in this country, and we’ve had no problem having OTHER medical concerns covered. Why is mental health any less important than the health of the heart? Or the liver? Or the goddamned pinky toe?
Let us think,your kid is playing on the bed at the presence of you,parents..And see from another eye how good the moments are!! Just think about how you can be the father/mother and partner your family deserves. YOU ARE SO THANKFUL TO BE ALIVE.
If you are depressed, please know that you are not alone. Please get help. If you know someone who is depressed, please understand that they are in pain, and please help them get help. Most importantly, listen to music a little louder, dance a little crazier, sing out loud in the shower, honk your horn for no reason, give your pet an extra treat, call your mother and tell her you love her, hug your friends even if they aren’t the touchy-feely type, eat chicken or anything else once even though your diet tells you not to, walk around your house incessantly, and hold tight to your family.

Stupid girls? or?

These two incidents are based on true experience..No fabrication!!

Month:Not remembered ; Year:2001

He was going into an ice cream parlour in Hyderabad.He stopped suddenly as his hand was being dragged back by an young lady.She was scraming,”Oh my God!they are taking my vehicle..they are taking my vehicle..Do something…” He was surprised and tried to have a look at her face whether he knew that ladyor not!,because she was standing towards the road with her back infront of him.He tried to say something,but she was not listening to..She didn’t even turned back and saying,”Divya! Do something..Papa scold me..” He was puzzled and dragged her to his side and said,”I’m not Divya..” Meanwhile the so called Divya was running out from the parlour..As she saw her friend and said to him with embarassment,”OOps!Sorry..I’m in confusion..I thought you’re my friend,Divya..Police people are taking my vehicle in the recovery van..It’s in the no-parking area..I’m so sorry…” He understood and said,”It’s ok..never mind..” and thought to himself,”stupid girls!

Month:July Year:2006

He was crossing the road along with his wife..Reached at the middle of the road,stopped at the divider and was waiting for the traffic to be low from the other end.After a couple of minutes he found the traffic less..So he hurriedly caught hold of her hand and moved forward,saying, “let’s go,dear,fast….
Darling! I’m here..Release her hand…“,his wife said from his right side! He got embarassed,released the other lady’s hand and said to his wife,”You’re at my left side nah?

Stupid girls? Or?

New VCD services at door steps

I was amazed by the new services offered by my cable operator. He brought a bunch of VCDs of old and medium old movies and we can rent it out. Now you can get your movies on demand at your door steps.
I m bit surprised because he charged only Rs.30/- for 2 days for the movie :)

Cosmo Hyderabad

Shilparamam: mark of evolution

This one was a lazy weekend and on my way back from a late morning errand, I whirled around Panjagutta to catch a quick bite at Chutney’s only to realize that the place was over flowing and the wait time was no more than half an hour, the problem that I’ve often noticed with the city is its inability to expand to the growing needs of the population. People have been pouring here from all parts of the world, though Hyderabad has been planned on expanding in area by a couple of factors – with the asia’s biggest airport in the development and the periphery of the city set to expand to the ORR (outer ring road), I can still see some scope for good entrepreneurism to cater to the need of expatriates. Oops I took you off track, so besides chutney’s I came across SUBWAY, the best alternative that almost anyone would find after being turned away from chutney’s.

After some intricate selection from the menu I managed to create a foot long sandwich and managed to select a beverage for myself – the lady at the counter was patient enough to assist me with the choice of the fillings and the assortments, I picked up my plate and started searching for a quite corner in the already buzzing and stuffed room, and I found none, I dared to disturb a foreign looking lady sitting calmly in one corner of the room, seeked her permission and had just begun to relish the sandwich before her husband was back with his tray full! At this point we exchanged few furtive glances and smiles, and then I broke the ice asking them where they were from, László told me that they hailed from Hungary and were close to spending almost an year in Hyderbad, I had some difficulty in pronouncing their names and they had some difficulty pronouncing mine. Munching our bites I was told that they had also been turned down by chutney’s, and they love Indian food the love for which had brought them from Hitech to Panjagutta, for them Hyd had been a home away from home, they were surprised with the hospitality of the place and a bigger surprise for them had been the awry sense of traffic, of which I could say nothing but nod my head like a spring :). László Vadkerti worked for an MNC which was using the services of a vendor company in India to expand their capacity and work on an offshoot project. Even after spending close to an year he had never attempted driving here, it was particularly amusing to hear that he had been explicity instructed not to attempt driving in India, I could not help but sit at the edge of my seat and listen to how amazed they had been with their driver’s ability to maneuver through the city traffic maze. They had also got got used to the local English accent and had begun to distinguish between Indian name genders!!

I tried explaining them the diversity of the Indian culture, language, food habits and weather – the taste of which they had already experienced to a certain extent, the couple had been an avid fearless vagabond. László and his wife had been on tour to numerous parts of India as and when they found time, the good thing about expats is that they are not hesitant in exploring even the oddest looking corner on the panorama of Indian landscape and hence he knew about the history and the region more than any one of us would know. They were kind enough to share the pictures of Hyderabad (covering Jayabheri, Taj Krishna, Taj Banjara, Shilparamam) and Jaipur, Delhi, Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, Goa here, they were yet to explore the Southern parts of India, we exchanged cards and bid farewell not before I invited them to visit my hometown Lucknow.

The meeting was eventful as it left me wondering upon how difficult it is for the expatriates to settle in a place like hyber-valley aka cyberabad aka hyderabad! Our place is evolving because the natives here are evolving, at times people have to adjust and at points the city has to and the tussle between the man and the mob has resulted into a neat slow, steady evolution of our city, I will keep this space updated on the various aspect which keeps this place evolving.


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