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Diwali around!

Its that time of the year.
Rockets etc etc.

The streets in residential areas are already littered with trash from these fireworks. But its all part of the fun. The one part that is not fun is the decibel levels of some of these fireworks that create thud of explosion. As we near the Diwali 21st, nights are gonna get progressively louder. I have started to observe this around my apartment. A few years back the Supreme court got involved in this and tried to curb it. Things seem to be status quo though.

I dont have any complaints against celebrations, I myself do celebrate but i can do with a little less noise :).

Happy Diwali Everybody!


The birthday of Mahatma

Today is the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Arguably the greastest man ever to be born in this land in the past 2 centuries if not more.
His ways and methods are oft criticised as being not relevant in this era. I would disagree. I think what he said regarding peace, love and brotherhood is still very vaild. Infact the lack of it is the reason for many a conflict and needless blood-shed since WW II.
People point to his “what they perceive as” shortcomings a lot in this land. Its usually taken out of context or miss the bigger picture. As the old saying goes: Please always remember the shortcomings of a great one and the good things of an average on. I think that is spot on here.

So here I salute Mr. Mahatma on his birth anniverary and thank him for his sacrifices for achieving a Free India.

Want an aptmt in Hyd? get married :S

No kidding.

This is exactly what a real-estate broker told me when I was moving to Hyderabad just about an year ago. It took me a while to search and find a decent apartment in the city. I had to forego several vacant apartments cos the owners were adamant that they wont rent it out to bachelors.

I couldve gotten something to live easily in and around the area where the IT establishments are present. But to be frank those places are too far away from the ‘real city’ and since I can speak the local languages I can live pretty much anywhere in the city. So I was looking for something in a prime residential area, *not posh/rich* but where the standard of living is good, most of the necessities are accesible by walk.

It was a big challenge and I finally found one and didnt even haggle abt the price. Just signed the damn agreement :)

Commotion due to visiting dignitaries

Well, 2 weeks back he was in our campus. Last week in another company nearby. This week he is coming to the Indian School of Business, our neighbors.
And everytime he pays a visit to any nearby facility, there is large scale commotion and makeshift security structures erected. Lots of Police and security personnel disturb the general calm around the area. Few weeks back when he was here, there was so much fuss. He came to officially open a new building of ours. which by the way is being used for more than 4 months now. duh!! soo much for that “opening”.
I guess he is doing more of the same around here, in other facilities. The good news is that he already graced our place. But the bad news is there a lot brand new facilities around and a handful more are getting constructed, which only means one thing. Either him or someone else in his place will do the same thing.

Ok now to let the biggest secret of the world out, he is none other than the Chief Minister of Andhra.

Rains are back!

At the risk of becoming the weather reporter on this blog :P, the rains are back in Hyderabad. This week has been much cooler and more inline with the weather during this time of the year.
All the idols of Lord Ganesha have been immersed into the waterbodie in and around the city. One positive to emanating out of all this is the road blockades are gone. But roads have suffered some damage due to the holes dug to plant the support structures for the idols. This is an annual ritual and frankly i would prefer if they could leave the roads as is. As such our roads are overmatched to the amount of traffic that goes over them. It would be very difficult to enforce any kind of rule on religiou practices as it is sensitive and can get ugly in no time.

The rainy weather is due to the low-pressure area off the coast of AP in the Bay of Bengal. So that means only one thing. The next 2-3 days will be wet and rainy. Ill take this over hot sunny weather any day of the week (except the one where I hang my clothes to dry :)

mini Heat Wave in Hyd?

Suddenly, Its gotten pretty warm and sultry in Hyderabad.
Its really surprising considering this is September. This is probably cos of the cool weather prevalent in thetprevious months when the climate is not supposed to be so pleasant. But it hasnt stopped raining completely. Seems to rain every other evening atleast a slight drizzle. The sad thing though is that most of the roads have potholes and huge cracks due to the rains we had last month. I have seen some repair work happening at various places but i think it will take a while repairing all the damage that is done.

For now, I am waiting for the Winter to kick-in :)

Fotos >> Euphoria concert

A few pictures from the recent Euphoria concert in Hyderabad. As my previous post says, Euphoria rocks :)




Ganesh Chaturdhi > The festival and Hyderabad

Ganesh Chaturdhi/Ganesh Pooja/Vinayaka Chaviti is one of the most important hindu festivals. This festival is to celebrate the birthday of Lord Vinayaka/Ganesh.
Its custom to get a clay made statuette of the Lord and perform the prayers and rituals and then submerge the clay statuette in a river, lake or a water body nearby after a certain number of days after the festival. It could be 3,7,9 or 11. I am not sure there many be more.

Though this festival is celebrated across the breadth and length of India, it is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and fervor in Hyderabad. The characterstic being the mammoth statues of the Lord erected allover the city. Some roads get blocked, traffic streets are decorated with party lights and these centers with the statues become make-shift temples for about a week or 10 days complete with priests and devotional music.
(i am listening to one such loud music session just outside my apartment complex now).

All this is pretty common in many places of India. Lots of statues etc. but the degree and the density is much higher in Hyderabad. The one aspect that seperates Hyderabad from other cities is the way the city comes to a stand-still the day all these statues are submerged in the Hussain Sagar lake(most of big ones are submerged here). The lake is pretty much in the center of the city and all roads leading to the lake get clogged up with the rallys and dancing crowds that accompany the ritual of submerging the statues.

Usually schools and colleges declare a holiday on that day. Which is a very sensible move. Considering the fact that the traffic gets so messed up and there were ocassions when stampedes and pandemonium are the order of the day. I havent seen this kind of fervor for Ganesh chaturthi anywhere else in India. You have to see it believe it.
I will try to upload some pictures (i think itse either next wednesday or thursday).

Euphoria >> brought the roof down Saturday nite

What happens when you have sour throat and sing out loud and passionate in a concert?

More sore throat and a voice like that of the Governor of California. I fit the description to the T. Had a great time saturday nite. One of the better nites I had since i returned from US 6-7 months ago. Some bands are good on the disc and some are good live. I think Euphoria belong to the latter. They simply know how to do a concert and play to the audience.

venue >> hyderabad international convention center
event >> microsoft india 8th anniversary party
concert >> euphoria

O N E cool party.

amazing performance by one of my favorite indian bands, Euphoria. My familiarity with Euphoria goes pretty far into the past. I have seen them perform on our campus during our annual cultural festival, OASIS. They used to play a lot of 80s and 90s rock at that time, they moved on to make their own indi-pop albums later on.

After a bunch of neat performances from our co-workers, Euphoria took over around 9p. I was having dinner with a bunch of my friends and just loitering around the expansive convention center meeting up friends who I dont get to meet on a regular basis. It was a very well organized party for the most party and everyone was having a good time.

So then, Euphoria started with a prayer and some of their earlier songs. I was having dinner around that time and didnt pay much attention. Then I was in the long queue to get some desserts along with my friends when they started belting out one of their popular tunes “dhoom pichuk dhoom”.. And thats it. Forget the dessert. I am going in. Right into the middle. right in front of the stage. first row :). And I stayed there with a bunch of friends until the end.

They sang almost all of their songs and also a bunch of Bon Jovi/Bryan Adams/Pink Floyd(yes they sang “another brick on the wall”). The cool thing was the they switch between songs and tunes in the middle of a song just like how the DJs change tracks. Euphoria is a group with a lot of high octane vocals which makes them all the more appealing to me. Shouting at full throttle.

Around 2315 after abt 2hrs of non-stop rocking, the organizers came out saying this is it. The crowd would have none of it. Palash(lead-vocal) tried to explain. of no avail. Event managers came in and tried to explain no change. For about 2-3 minutes the crowd booed continuously.

Finally the organizers agreed for one more song. Palash was only too happy sing more. In the end they ended up performing a huge medley of all their songs and then some old hindi songs. One song became 30-40 minutes more of pure music and madness. It seemed a bit impromptu cos the drummer and lead-guitarist were unable to keep pace with Palash and his switching songs and tunes very quickly!

I enjoyed it thoroughly from start to finish. at around 2350 Euphoria ended their concert. It seemed like they could go on forever, but corporate rules and travel arrangements mean they had to stop before 0000. Amazing concert. In our last party we had Shankar Mahadevan, Sivamani (drums) and the girl who sang “Kajra re” but frankly no match to Euphoria (h).

Dhoom. Maaeri, Soneya, mehfuz and many more songs. Along with some hindi dance numbers etc.. one of the memorable nights I had in recent times.(apart from World Cup of course).

All this meant I woke up around 11 am today, had breakfast, slept again and then woke up around lunch. dinner and then will sleep again in a little while.

“Monday Morning Blues” will be an understatement for tomorrow :(.

I will add a few photos over the week

Euphoria Today

Phew after another hectic work week, i get to see the new Hyderbad International Convention Center.
Lets see.
There is a concert by Euphoria and Indian pop/rock band. One of the few bands in India that have been there for a while now. I have seen them when they were semi-professional and used to play 80s and early 90s rock like Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, GnR etc..
Later they graduated into a Indi-pop band with their first album Dhoom. A good album and was a hit. Later they kind of faded as the Bhangra and Bhangra-pop took center-stage in Indian pop music scene. They came with another album after thatm not such a big hit. And early this year they came up with their latest, Mehfuz. I like a couple of songs from Mehfuz but I think it didnt click in general.

I have heard a lot abt the Hyderabad International Conv, Center. I hope its good. I plan to take some pictures.

All in all I hope to have good time and live to blog it tomorrow. Cheers.

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