Commotion due to visiting dignitaries

Well, 2 weeks back he was in our campus. Last week in another company nearby. This week he is coming to the Indian School of Business, our neighbors.
And everytime he pays a visit to any nearby facility, there is large scale commotion and makeshift security structures erected. Lots of Police and security personnel disturb the general calm around the area. Few weeks back when he was here, there was so much fuss. He came to officially open a new building of ours. which by the way is being used for more than 4 months now. duh!! soo much for that “opening”.
I guess he is doing more of the same around here, in other facilities. The good news is that he already graced our place. But the bad news is there a lot brand new facilities around and a handful more are getting constructed, which only means one thing. Either him or someone else in his place will do the same thing.

Ok now to let the biggest secret of the world out, he is none other than the Chief Minister of Andhra.

Rains are back!

At the risk of becoming the weather reporter on this blog :P, the rains are back in Hyderabad. This week has been much cooler and more inline with the weather during this time of the year.
All the idols of Lord Ganesha have been immersed into the waterbodie in and around the city. One positive to emanating out of all this is the road blockades are gone. But roads have suffered some damage due to the holes dug to plant the support structures for the idols. This is an annual ritual and frankly i would prefer if they could leave the roads as is. As such our roads are overmatched to the amount of traffic that goes over them. It would be very difficult to enforce any kind of rule on religiou practices as it is sensitive and can get ugly in no time.

The rainy weather is due to the low-pressure area off the coast of AP in the Bay of Bengal. So that means only one thing. The next 2-3 days will be wet and rainy. Ill take this over hot sunny weather any day of the week (except the one where I hang my clothes to dry :)

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mini Heat Wave in Hyd?

Suddenly, Its gotten pretty warm and sultry in Hyderabad.
Its really surprising considering this is September. This is probably cos of the cool weather prevalent in thetprevious months when the climate is not supposed to be so pleasant. But it hasnt stopped raining completely. Seems to rain every other evening atleast a slight drizzle. The sad thing though is that most of the roads have potholes and huge cracks due to the rains we had last month. I have seen some repair work happening at various places but i think it will take a while repairing all the damage that is done.

For now, I am waiting for the Winter to kick-in :)

Rain rain go away..take away the road along your way

Last few week rains have ruined the roads. Its not a surprise. Just thought to write this one up.

GOVT : Hey our fellow subjects are suffering without roads. Lets work on the roads and we will give them a better life.
Officers(Devil) : Ok

The work starts. Loads of stones tar and other things goes back and forth.
Road Worker 1: Its so sunny. I m so tired.
Road Worker 2: Yeah. The heat is too terrible. No rains this year then we will be in so much trouble.
Road workder1: Don’t worry the rain god will help us and we will have good rain in the city. All our troubles will go away.
Road worker 2: I wish I could make a wish to the rain god.
(these kinds of talks between the workers till they completed road. GOVT came and opened the road for public. Public are happy)
Supervisor: Enough talking. Get back to work. The roads are dirty clean it.

Cleaner 1: Cleaning the road. Oh god…its so much of heat. Why cant it rain. Rain god show us some mercy.
Boom Boom !! Rain god appears.
Rain God: Dear, I have heard you. I will grant you a boon. What’s your wish.
Clearer 1: I wish you could rain when I work and clean the road for me
Rain God: Wish granted: Boom. He disappears.

Next day it rains so heavy.
Workers and Cleaners are very very happy. Because the rain god showed mercy on them. It rained. It cleaned the road.

GOVT: Where is the road by which I came yesterday?
SUPERVISOR: The road has been washed away by the rain sir.

People : Getting mad. Roads gone. Only patches are left. Traces of stones used for road constructions here and there. Back to square one. Need repair/roads.

Story in a nut shell. The roads they construct come only for a few months.

Quality vs Population

Hyderabad…Hyderabad…Hyderabad…The city has seen a growth rate that looks very surprising for many people/ industrialists/ real estates/ software etc etc. Its is always good to see the city develop at this rapid phase. I have this inner feeling that the day Hyderabad to become cosmopolitan is not very far because of this growth.

But is the lifestyle the same. Are we getting what the city was getting before? In my last 2 years of analysis the quality of the products has degraded quite considerably. That’s mainly on food and any local products you get from AP.

The lifestyles of the people are also changing. I m *NOT* here to blame the people. Its good see that we are trying to live a different life. But because of the change in life style, the business people are exploiting us.

People do business to make money. But when the business grows up profitable to a great extent are they delivering the quality in their work? Is this because of the increase in the populate in the city or because the business persons want to make more money with less efforts?
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Fotos >> Euphoria concert

A few pictures from the recent Euphoria concert in Hyderabad. As my previous post says, Euphoria rocks :)




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Ganesh Chaturdhi > The festival and Hyderabad

Ganesh Chaturdhi/Ganesh Pooja/Vinayaka Chaviti is one of the most important hindu festivals. This festival is to celebrate the birthday of Lord Vinayaka/Ganesh.
Its custom to get a clay made statuette of the Lord and perform the prayers and rituals and then submerge the clay statuette in a river, lake or a water body nearby after a certain number of days after the festival. It could be 3,7,9 or 11. I am not sure there many be more.

Though this festival is celebrated across the breadth and length of India, it is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and fervor in Hyderabad. The characterstic being the mammoth statues of the Lord erected allover the city. Some roads get blocked, traffic streets are decorated with party lights and these centers with the statues become make-shift temples for about a week or 10 days complete with priests and devotional music.
(i am listening to one such loud music session just outside my apartment complex now).

All this is pretty common in many places of India. Lots of statues etc. but the degree and the density is much higher in Hyderabad. The one aspect that seperates Hyderabad from other cities is the way the city comes to a stand-still the day all these statues are submerged in the Hussain Sagar lake(most of big ones are submerged here). The lake is pretty much in the center of the city and all roads leading to the lake get clogged up with the rallys and dancing crowds that accompany the ritual of submerging the statues.

Usually schools and colleges declare a holiday on that day. Which is a very sensible move. Considering the fact that the traffic gets so messed up and there were ocassions when stampedes and pandemonium are the order of the day. I havent seen this kind of fervor for Ganesh chaturthi anywhere else in India. You have to see it believe it.
I will try to upload some pictures (i think itse either next wednesday or thursday).

How to become an Author for Metroblogging

Looks like many people come and watch this site, go having no idea of how to become an author for their favourite city. This happens because, people have no clue where to look for to apply to become an author because our “contact” link is not displayed expanded neither highlighted specially, whatever may be the reason it is like that for now. So I though I could post this post. Hope it will help grab some guys in to writing for metblogs.

Thanks for your interest to write for Metblogs. There is a list of links (…Metroblogging cities, Mobile, Blogroll and Contact) on the right side of this page. Click on the contact->Come blog with us. You will be given an online application to become a blogger for metblogs, of course, any city you choose in the application. You have rest of the details there. Please go ahead, and rock.

Or Go here to metblog


Blog Statistics in Inda

I happened to see these Blog Statistics of Indian Cities accidentally, I thought, only hyderabad metroblogging was struggling to get authors and posts, but the fact that entire city is suffering a dearth of active bloggers disappoints me a bit. I personally love reading books, both english and telugu literature. Though I am software side guy, some people ascribe us with the term ‘Nerd’, I dont want to miss out the beauty of the languages, strength and poignancy of human expression. Unfortunately, I could never see a friend or coleague, who at least read some much talked about books or so. They just read academic books and all. I dont know what to say. But I can clearly say, youth in hyderabad are not much expressive about their ideas or ideals. Or they want to pen it down if and only if that is an excellent one ? Give me a break, stupidity is also a form of joy :) . Did you happen to watch that ad, “Fair and Handsome”, the lame ad, you would have felt crumbling in disgust. How could you have known that if they didnt show you? :)) Common guys, become bloggers, unite and some day we will become a useful community to serve, may be a greater cause, or at least to cheer up people that visit, and let them feel proud being Hyderabadis for having such nice bloggers to quote.

BPL and rags

What is BPL – yeah right it stands for the one below powerty line, and mind you thats not the misspelling, 60-70% of the Indian population are below the poverty line and its disheartening to see that they constitute the majority and are resposnsible for choosing the Indian government and beaurocracy, and the Indian politicians know how to use this weakling to their advantage by luring them with the rags and morsels of food.

Who is gonna pull India out? I call this population the one with the real POWER, but until they are opressed and ignored they can’t really come out of this situation, getting worser year by year and genaration by generation they’ll get deeper into it, richer gets richer and poor gets poorer, there is no incentive for any one to be living in villages and feel great about it.

And if you want to know why this quite calm guy is so hell bent on the cause of poverty, politics and power, I noticed something today which I will not be able to forget for the rest of my life.


Act I, Scene I, light camera action!

Two kids and an adult in rags and a badly disheveled appearance cross the road at Madhapur dominoe’s crossing.

Act I, Scene II light camera action!

I stare at them and shrug my shoulder, snubbed and moved ahead!

Act I, Scene III light camera action!

And I see all three of them clinging onto the local dumpster and fighting for something, I assumed it be some piece of plastic they were tracking inside, but then I realized the adult succeeded and he was out of the cycle with a smile of contentment and he was religiously trying to bite onto the ingot of rice and then trying to chew it hard! he was contented, and the poor dogs were salivating and staring greedly at his prized possession..

Act I Scene IV, flashback

OMG, I just left a slice of pizza back at the piza hut only to be thrown in the bin, never realizing the fate it would meet. Call this the act of god, the result of his karma, or the callousness of modern day man, the world is going to dogs.

Man if this continues to be the state of poverty – and if they were to decide the fate of the nation by choosing the leader of the democracy, they’ll always struggle for the basic amenities such as, food, water, cloth, shelter and education.

Poltical parties seem to be following the dictum of divide and rule, our own cabinet members just ended up tabling a proposal for 49.5% reservation in school colleges and government jobs. Some time me thinks why it shouldn’t be based on poverty level or the remoteness of their domicile or number of siblings, etc. atleast it would end up enforcing some self discipline in an otherwise such an indisciplined nation. Come on dudes be innovative it pays to be there, u represent us..

On the road

What will you do if a man appears from ‘nowhere’ in front of your vehicle, casually trying to cross the road, oblivious of the traffic around him? Probably you have to brake suddenly, your vehicle can be skidded and there can be a chance to be hit by a car following you.. Is this all due to Jay-walking? Jay-walking may not be a common word in Hyderabad.But, on the city roads, people suddenly appearing in the middle of the road, is quite commonplace.
Zebra crossings are redundant and with no law enacted yet by the state government to tackle the problem, policemen can say the situation is ‘hopeless’ and they can do little beyond telling the people. And I have never seen any traffic policeman ask pedestrians to use the zebra crossing. Without any fear of being fined or reprimanded, people are getting callous…Traffic policemen can confess it’s a tough job stopping people. It is not just the rustic folk who break laws. Even the elite take things so callously.
Sometimes people who are generally careful tend to get careless..It could be…they are late for work,a date…various reasons!But I believe in “better safe than sorry”.So I just go on waiting and waiting…Lolz
But then that reminds me “ships are safe in the harbour…but thats not what ships are meant for!” On similar lines…”people are safe on one side of the road…but thats not what people are meant for…they are born to cross roads?!”

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Leftist traffic in hyderabad

Its not a new thing to say it again. God knows when people in these Indian cities (particularly Hyderabad) know, actually follow and implement, the traffic rules and traffic sense. Everywhere, from gallies(streets) to main roads, they cant help themself forming parallel lines on. Its so disgusting. Did you notice, wherever, you have to take a left side road, at a junction, you will have to rely on the mercy of main line’s green signal, because, everybody move left-wards until they block that side of the traffic. So annoying. It includes, city buses, four wheelers and two wheelers. Nobody is good at keeping this thing right.
And finally, if one reaches the destination doing all that bad-driving, he/she has nothing so important that demands them to be like that on the road, at least I can say 90% of them have no so important things that might affect if they were a little late say, 30 minutes or so.
Nobody cares about this thing. Fortunately Hyderabad have wide roads if you compare with the rest of the cities, and we still muddle with the traffic problems, because of this attitude problem. I want to see a nice people queued up for the signal rather than messing it up on the road, and getting everybody including himself frustrated.

Euphoria >> brought the roof down Saturday nite

What happens when you have sour throat and sing out loud and passionate in a concert?

More sore throat and a voice like that of the Governor of California. I fit the description to the T. Had a great time saturday nite. One of the better nites I had since i returned from US 6-7 months ago. Some bands are good on the disc and some are good live. I think Euphoria belong to the latter. They simply know how to do a concert and play to the audience.

venue >> hyderabad international convention center
event >> microsoft india 8th anniversary party
concert >> euphoria

O N E cool party.

amazing performance by one of my favorite indian bands, Euphoria. My familiarity with Euphoria goes pretty far into the past. I have seen them perform on our campus during our annual cultural festival, OASIS. They used to play a lot of 80s and 90s rock at that time, they moved on to make their own indi-pop albums later on.

After a bunch of neat performances from our co-workers, Euphoria took over around 9p. I was having dinner with a bunch of my friends and just loitering around the expansive convention center meeting up friends who I dont get to meet on a regular basis. It was a very well organized party for the most party and everyone was having a good time.

So then, Euphoria started with a prayer and some of their earlier songs. I was having dinner around that time and didnt pay much attention. Then I was in the long queue to get some desserts along with my friends when they started belting out one of their popular tunes “dhoom pichuk dhoom”.. And thats it. Forget the dessert. I am going in. Right into the middle. right in front of the stage. first row :). And I stayed there with a bunch of friends until the end.

They sang almost all of their songs and also a bunch of Bon Jovi/Bryan Adams/Pink Floyd(yes they sang “another brick on the wall”). The cool thing was the they switch between songs and tunes in the middle of a song just like how the DJs change tracks. Euphoria is a group with a lot of high octane vocals which makes them all the more appealing to me. Shouting at full throttle.

Around 2315 after abt 2hrs of non-stop rocking, the organizers came out saying this is it. The crowd would have none of it. Palash(lead-vocal) tried to explain. of no avail. Event managers came in and tried to explain no change. For about 2-3 minutes the crowd booed continuously.

Finally the organizers agreed for one more song. Palash was only too happy sing more. In the end they ended up performing a huge medley of all their songs and then some old hindi songs. One song became 30-40 minutes more of pure music and madness. It seemed a bit impromptu cos the drummer and lead-guitarist were unable to keep pace with Palash and his switching songs and tunes very quickly!

I enjoyed it thoroughly from start to finish. at around 2350 Euphoria ended their concert. It seemed like they could go on forever, but corporate rules and travel arrangements mean they had to stop before 0000. Amazing concert. In our last party we had Shankar Mahadevan, Sivamani (drums) and the girl who sang “Kajra re” but frankly no match to Euphoria (h).

Dhoom. Maaeri, Soneya, mehfuz and many more songs. Along with some hindi dance numbers etc.. one of the memorable nights I had in recent times.(apart from World Cup of course).

All this meant I woke up around 11 am today, had breakfast, slept again and then woke up around lunch. dinner and then will sleep again in a little while.

“Monday Morning Blues” will be an understatement for tomorrow :(.

I will add a few photos over the week


Pictures of Janmasthtmi celebration at ISKCON Secunderabad (the twin city of hyderbad)

Radha Krsna

Abhishek ceremony

Harinam Kirtan

Bathing ceremony

Bathing and shankh


Radha Krishna Yatra

People all ecstatic

culture of splitting open and spitting!

The story is when I decided to walk down to the local shoppe around 2-3 kilometers from my home in madhapur and I am known naive to be walking on the Indian roads as a pedestrian, I had hardly stepped on the black stripped road towards Jubilee hill, an auto rickshaw made a sudden right outward movement and the right side of the yellow-cockroach almost hit me on the left side of my body. I was amazed by his swiftness in the movement and dexterity at running away from the situation, this was one, there were yet others waiting on the road that I had taken.

The weather was awesome and I was crooning some old hindi number when the guy walking in front of me just turned back and almost spit in front of me, this is pretty much legal in India and I couldn’t do anything about it, except that I had to change my course to avoid stepping on his spit. All these were happening to me and the third one made me believe that the god over there in the blue sky was testing my patience, this guy on his motor bike slipped in the narrow gap between me in motion and the omni standing in front, and the guy on pillory split open his legs wide brandishing his right ominous leg in the air just managing not to brush my face and he got down, to back this up his lack of mannerism and audicity surprised me completely. I stared at him and coyly murmured @#@$%! and the the driver in the van just slam open the driver’s door on my face, may it was just my stars. I saved myself on numerous occassions, and I pray badly that the infrastructure of a city starts severely acconting for pedestrial lanes when they plan the road, there is no point of government trying to cut corners and make there citizen feel miserable.

– a commoners observation

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