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Coffee Tea needs a change in place?


Do u like to have a change in your coffee or tea? Are you over drunk in Coffee day or Barista? I m not a hang out kind of person. But last week I went out with my friends to Banjara hills Road number 7. It looked like a house outside. The board reads “Mocha” Coffee and Conversations. Nice one to attract people. Yes, the internal look of the place was quite good and the crowd inside the coffee bar is colorful :). The right place for the people to hang out during week end.

Next time you want to have a change of of design in your coffee cup try out this place. You can take some interesting photos while you make your way to its door steps. HydStyle.JPG

My first hang out in hyderabd is colorful. This place is cool and it had a nice indoor and outdoor place to sit and relax. It had a traditional look and old tables and chairs. I have never seen some design of coffee bowl. It was a different experience.

Try it out.


Shopping in Hyderabad is an exhilarating experience.From the world famous pearls to textiles to traditonal arts and crafts,Hyderabad has it all .It is purely a matter of choice.But one thing is certain,you can shop till you drop.

The First Series-NIZAMS 2

Some more info on the Nizams

The First Series-Multiplex(IMAX)

Big movies and Bigger screens this is the trend which is currently going in our own backyard,and this trend has given birth to a new term that we Hyderabadis were’nt used too and that is multiplex.Small theaters were a thing of past now we all want to go a big theater and spend some quality time with our family don’t we?

The First Series-Nizams(Rulers Of Hyderabad)

From the first of Nizams to the first of multiplexes this series of blogs holds all the info about what all has happened thru the years in hyderabad………….

Cool climate …

It has been a nice weather over the last 2 weeks. Good rains keeping the city cool. Is the summer over or what? I dont feel that I m in HYDERABAD. LOL.

Stripes X Swoosh

While the 32 teams are busy fine tuning their strategies for their battles in two weeks, a war has already started.

The “sneaker” war between the Adidas, the official sponsor of the Cup and the dominant player in European market versus the giant from Oregon, Nike.
Adidas has been working for over two years to create the current ad campaign, the “+10” and “Impossible is Nothing”. The rolled out couple of cool spots called the “Equipo” – means “team” in spanish. and
“Partido” – means “game” in spanish. (keywords “Adidas equipo” in to view them).

Couple of kids playing football in the neigborhood. A theme that touches almost every kid and the memories of every adult. Not to be undone by the quintessential Adidas campaign, Nike came up with the “Joga Bonito”(means “play beautiful” in Portuguese). With yesterdays stars like Eric Cantona Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, the Brazilian team.

Adidas makes the shirts of 6 teams in the World cup including the hosts Germany, Argentina, Spain and France.
Nike is the kit maker for 8 teams including the overwhelming favorite Brazil, Portugal, Holland and England, US and Mexico.
But you know who makes the kit for most teams in this world cup?

Puma. Ohh Yeah! ( My fav brand :) ). 12 teams including Italy and the teams from Africa. Then again Puma has always been a niche product. Always seperated it out fromthe crowd of Adidas and Nike through their unique out-of-the-box designs and innovation.

Adidas expects some kind of ambush marketing from Nike. They are making sure that the 3 stripes are omni-present this summer in Germany. and on TV as well. Personally I liked the Adidas ads over the Nike ads so far. Havent seen any from Puma. I am sure they will be different and kick-ass.

But for now, Impossible is Nothing.

Broadband, garbage and bonfire.

Whoa! can u guess the story from the title?

This is a classic case of old methods intermingling with the new realities and the result is usually exasperation and heartburn combined with bewilderment.

Couple of weeks ago my well-functioning and very-reliable DSL connection started behaving strangely.
Off-on, Off-on when for a few days. I lodged a complaint with the broadband company and the response was pretty quick. They checked the lines and the connector box outside my apartment complex and found everything is fine. But the on-off erratic behavior continued and I lodged another complaint. I was kind of pissed off and let the broadband folks know the mood clearly.

A service rep came to my apartment over the weekend and checked everything, the modem, wires, connectors. converters everything. He was bewildered as to whats happening. Then he started tracing the cable from the Exchange to my apartment.

To his amazement he found that someone just outside my apartment complex dug up in a corner and lit a bonfire of garbage. Oh well the cable going into my apartment got exposed when the digging took place and now is totally burnt in the bonfire,

I didnt know how to react. Exasperated, frustrated on one hand as I couldnt get online for a few days just coz some idiot dug a pit without precaution and then lighting a bonfire in it!! on the otherhand couldnt believe and cant laugh enough..

Now burning trash and assorted garbage is a pretty common practice in villages and even small towns. I still dont know why they do it or what are the advantages burning plastic, paper and other pieces of trash.

This is one of those aspects of everyday life that havent adapted to the changed circumstances. For example this would have been fine 20 years ago when there were hardly any underground cables except for the telephone lines which are laid pretty deep into the earth. But now with so many companies laying their own telephone and broadband cables one cant dig anywhere they wish.

We need to cultivate the ‘dial-before-dig’ culture to avoid uprooting and destroying network cables. Currently we are some ways away from that.

And how close were you with your guess?

Of quotas and politics

Its back in the limelite. Thanks to crooked and selfish politicians. Even the most premier institutes in India, the Indian Institutes of Technologies and Management are the ones to be dragged into this.

Frankly, I dont know where this is going to end up. Do we want to re-create a society of 2000 years ago?
Clearly the intentions of the founding fathers(behing reservations) of our constitution are conveniently pushed into oblivion and what we are left with is a bugbear rearing its ugly head whenever some lame and selfish politician wants some pub and headlines.

I think reservations are bad, in more ways than one.

1. Coming from a so called , I have to work 50% harder for anything even before I start. Or be 50% more intelligent cos 50% of the seats in Colleges or the Public services are reserved for a variety of backward castes and tribes.
I agree that they went through a lot of discrimination during the course of the history, but I didnt commit any such act. So I have the right to ask why should I suffer/sacrifice?

2. The longer this system is in place, the more counter-productive it becomes. Cos the people who have this privilege know that they need to work just enough to be successful. cos some of the opportunities are reserved for them. Effectively we are breeding laxity and a regressive work ethic, which is not only bad for the society but also bad for the beneficiaries. I have seen many who have such an air of carelessnes around that, they seem blessed fo being born in a particular caste.

3. Alienating the majority. 75% of the population is fighting for 50% of the pie.(the pie is much much smaller compared to the size of the population). One of these days the threshold of patience will be broken. A fragmented society in two dimensions, caste-based and diverse cultures/languages is the ultimate recipe for disaster. Morale issues between peers is not to be underestimated.

For every plus(if any) that comes out of reservations, 10 negative things come along with it.


Its a complex issue. No M-seal.

One-time use policy: One can avail the reservation benefit only once in lifetime.
I can use it after my 12th to enter college. Then I cant use it to get a job. From that point I am in the mainstream. Or I enter the college on my merit and decide to use it later in the career. whichever way I have only one chance to use it.

a. it is timebound wrt individual.
b. Laxity and negative work-ethic will disappear.
c. The forward-caste folks can feel better as they see the problem has finite scope.

I would really love to see someone in the mainstream politics propose such a solution.

I still think there is scope for a small % of reservations on a case-by-case basis to cover the exceptions. And trust me none will object to such a thing in place of this quota system that is suffocating to say the least.

I dare think someone will propose such a solution. Its like buying ones own political coffin.

But then dreaming is not a crime. And this wont be my last, by a stretch.

ps: This is something pertinent to all of India, not necessarily Hyderabad.

RainGods are here ….

Monsoons are all set to arrive early this year in Hyderabad. If you ask any old Hyderabadi, he will tell you that June 7 is the date when RainGods shower their first blessings on the city. This time defying the tradition by a long shot, They chose May 25th as the auspicious day.

Web resources suggest that our city will be covered with scattered clouds throughout the week with chances of rain on Thursday.

If you are planning to travel by public transport, it will be a good idea to carry an umbrella with you while you go out on Thursday (1st June). Sometimes sunny mornings can be misleading :)

If you are one of those carefree types (you can count yours truly among them) then this is time to let your soul unravel in the drops of virgin showers.

Let see what June 1st brings to us all – Godly showers or 38 degrees Sun.

Having written my first post here, I noticed one thing. If you want to be close to nature and sensitive to your surroundings, come join the Metlog author roll.

Your thoughts folks?

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