Experience the Hyderabadi traffic

Car, Bus, Motor bike, Auto, Bi-Cycle…No problem. The simple rule to drive in the city is “Do you see a way for your vehicle to pass through. If yes just drive in the way” . No need to see who is on your right or who is on your left. Never bother to have a rear view mirror. This is Hyderabad. This is the lesson my driver taught me when I was new to hyderabad. Now I have become an expert driver and zap through any high traffic in hyderabad.

In India we drive on the left side of the road. Mostly we all drive on the left side of the road even if the road doesn’t have a divider to divide the road in the middle. But don’t be surprised to see a big truck coming against you heading your way on the left side of the road. It’s a day today affair in here. Do you feel bored to drive 2 kms to take an “U” turn? Don’t worry hyderabad is very flexible and friendly for you. You get to the opposite side of the road driving against the normal traffic rules. Don’t be scared that people coming on the right direction will stop by and beat you up blue and back. It all happens and this is normal. If you want to see an 8th wonder in this world, then it would be the people living in hyderabad driving properly without violating the traffic rules.

Ooops, did I forget something!!! Yes, traffic signals. Those are just Red, Orange and Green for your vision test. It really doesn’t say anything for you. You drive in 80Kms/hr and you see a Red traffic light. Oh, watch your back bro. If you stop then you will be hit from the back. Just keep looking at the traffic light and the traffic police and keep driving in the direction you want to drive, unless there is a bottle neck in the road that literally stops your vehicle to move. Else those signals are mere decorative for the road.

These are the usual thrilling moments you will face and come across when you walk out of your home. This is a common scene in most part of the city especially near old city.

Oh yeah, still more is there. Don’t go away.

Trucks carrying huge boulders, rocks. The night mare. Never follow those. Not because they will hit you or they stop in the middle without any signals. Because they don’t have any doors in the back to stop the stones rolling and falling on the road. Yes. Those huge 2 ton, 4 ton boulders will be carried by trucks but won’t have any safety grills to protect it from falling down. Never take a chance to be behind those vehicles.

But now I get a sense of feeling that this is getting changed. I hope it gets changed and waiting to see the 8th wonder of the world.

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