One mans beauty.. anothers ugly-duc- the Begumpet foot-overbridge

Have you seen the begumpet foot over bridge that is nearing completion? When they were fabricating the huge structure next to the site, it seemed real fancy. Kind of like a “hanging bridge”. But when they finally finished and erected the bridge on site, I am not sure anymore. I do like the very elaborate (and huge) structure. Does hold interest. But not sure if I would consider it pretty though. Anyone there that finds it pretty?

Now, have to agree about the utility from this. The FOBs are very badly needed. has anyone tried crossing the road at Lifestyle (no.. no FOB yet here)? It is a nightmare. nearly 10 lanes of tarffic to be crossed. And one of the densest traffic points in the city. A very very steady strea, of vehicles. Can be harrowing for a very able young person. And scary to see older people and folks with little kids trying to cross the road. Seems like it will be safer to just get into an auto and have him make a u-turn and come back to the otherside!

If MCH has its way, we should be seeing more FOBs. And they have engaged multiple architects to come up with varying designs. Just to add to the interest on the roads. Now.. will these be pretty or ugly.. remains to be seen. And more so.. remains to be seen by the individual “beholders“, to “see” the “beauty“, if at all it “lies” in there :-)

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