Of quotas and politics

Its back in the limelite. Thanks to crooked and selfish politicians. Even the most premier institutes in India, the Indian Institutes of Technologies and Management are the ones to be dragged into this.

Frankly, I dont know where this is going to end up. Do we want to re-create a society of 2000 years ago?
Clearly the intentions of the founding fathers(behing reservations) of our constitution are conveniently pushed into oblivion and what we are left with is a bugbear rearing its ugly head whenever some lame and selfish politician wants some pub and headlines.

I think reservations are bad, in more ways than one.

1. Coming from a so called , I have to work 50% harder for anything even before I start. Or be 50% more intelligent cos 50% of the seats in Colleges or the Public services are reserved for a variety of backward castes and tribes.
I agree that they went through a lot of discrimination during the course of the history, but I didnt commit any such act. So I have the right to ask why should I suffer/sacrifice?

2. The longer this system is in place, the more counter-productive it becomes. Cos the people who have this privilege know that they need to work just enough to be successful. cos some of the opportunities are reserved for them. Effectively we are breeding laxity and a regressive work ethic, which is not only bad for the society but also bad for the beneficiaries. I have seen many who have such an air of carelessnes around that, they seem blessed fo being born in a particular caste.

3. Alienating the majority. 75% of the population is fighting for 50% of the pie.(the pie is much much smaller compared to the size of the population). One of these days the threshold of patience will be broken. A fragmented society in two dimensions, caste-based and diverse cultures/languages is the ultimate recipe for disaster. Morale issues between peers is not to be underestimated.

For every plus(if any) that comes out of reservations, 10 negative things come along with it.


Its a complex issue. No M-seal.

One-time use policy: One can avail the reservation benefit only once in lifetime.
I can use it after my 12th to enter college. Then I cant use it to get a job. From that point I am in the mainstream. Or I enter the college on my merit and decide to use it later in the career. whichever way I have only one chance to use it.

a. it is timebound wrt individual.
b. Laxity and negative work-ethic will disappear.
c. The forward-caste folks can feel better as they see the problem has finite scope.

I would really love to see someone in the mainstream politics propose such a solution.

I still think there is scope for a small % of reservations on a case-by-case basis to cover the exceptions. And trust me none will object to such a thing in place of this quota system that is suffocating to say the least.

I dare think someone will propose such a solution. Its like buying ones own political coffin.

But then dreaming is not a crime. And this wont be my last, by a stretch.

ps: This is something pertinent to all of India, not necessarily Hyderabad.

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