Broadband, garbage and bonfire.

Whoa! can u guess the story from the title?

This is a classic case of old methods intermingling with the new realities and the result is usually exasperation and heartburn combined with bewilderment.

Couple of weeks ago my well-functioning and very-reliable DSL connection started behaving strangely.
Off-on, Off-on when for a few days. I lodged a complaint with the broadband company and the response was pretty quick. They checked the lines and the connector box outside my apartment complex and found everything is fine. But the on-off erratic behavior continued and I lodged another complaint. I was kind of pissed off and let the broadband folks know the mood clearly.

A service rep came to my apartment over the weekend and checked everything, the modem, wires, connectors. converters everything. He was bewildered as to whats happening. Then he started tracing the cable from the Exchange to my apartment.

To his amazement he found that someone just outside my apartment complex dug up in a corner and lit a bonfire of garbage. Oh well the cable going into my apartment got exposed when the digging took place and now is totally burnt in the bonfire,

I didnt know how to react. Exasperated, frustrated on one hand as I couldnt get online for a few days just coz some idiot dug a pit without precaution and then lighting a bonfire in it!! on the otherhand couldnt believe and cant laugh enough..

Now burning trash and assorted garbage is a pretty common practice in villages and even small towns. I still dont know why they do it or what are the advantages burning plastic, paper and other pieces of trash.

This is one of those aspects of everyday life that havent adapted to the changed circumstances. For example this would have been fine 20 years ago when there were hardly any underground cables except for the telephone lines which are laid pretty deep into the earth. But now with so many companies laying their own telephone and broadband cables one cant dig anywhere they wish.

We need to cultivate the ‘dial-before-dig’ culture to avoid uprooting and destroying network cables. Currently we are some ways away from that.

And how close were you with your guess?

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