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Money Money Money

There has been a preception developed in the city I guess. As Hyderabad is catching up with Bangalore in terms of Software Hub, the locals and other people in Hyderabad also follwing the same. They think who ever living near the Sofware Hub area must be well paid and when they sell their products (platform or road side products) they tell an lavish price.

Just yesteday I had a change to buy some flowers. My god, when I asked how much it costs, he said Rs.8 for that one full hand measurement.(I dont know how to mention they usually measure the flower through their hands from their fingers to their elbow). I know in my hometown the same flower 4 times this measurement will cost only Rs.10. I m not comparing my hometown to Hyderabad. But Rs.8 , I m spell bound and returned empty handed.

Where are we heading to? Does anybody even bargain these days?

National beach volleyball tournament.. in Hyderabad!

This week the National Beach Volleyball games are being held in Hyderabad. On necklace road. While all beach volleyball needs is a sand filled game court.. still, so far I heard of Beach Volleyball being played ONLY on .. beaches. So was surprised that this is being held in an inland city. But then, nothing really should be surprising when it comes to Hyderabad! :-)

And suddenly the world got smaller

Can you imagine what one 3 KM stretch of new road can do! Am talking about the new road between Hitech city and Kukatpally (JNTU). There was a time when Kukatpally and Balanagar and beyond were considered very remote, for the knowledge workers of Hitec city. Mainly because, one had to endure 12-15 KM of traffic to get to here from there, though it is just about 4 KM as the crow flies. And then some smart beureucrat (yes. they do think and act sometimes :-) ) decided to get a new road along the crows’ flight path. Perhaps, there were other motivations also, not the least being this new mega housing project just getting completed in Kukatpally. Regardless, the road was concieved. Approved. And most importantly, built in just 3 months!

And now .. I met someone that has bought a house in a gated community, at the mandatory astronomical price (!) For the first time I saw someone refer to Bahadurpalli as being “not so far: from Hitec city. And this place (near Satyam Tech center) was until recently considered very very remote!

And given the huge popularity of this road, the city and HUDA are planning more such link roads. Good foir us!

Monsoons, rains, cool breeze, no water shortage, greenery everywhere,and.. WATER LOGGING

Along with all the freshness and goodness that monsoon showers bring, the water logging on the roads is an all familar sight during the monsoons. Here in Hyderabad, and probably in a worse form in other cities. The water collected could be anything ranging from small puddles (everywhere) to large lakes- there are atleast a few that get formed after every heavy downpour on the Hitec city to Panjagutta road. Very meticulously dammed bythe median divider on one side and the sidewalks on the other side. Takes atleast a few monsoons before this unintended and unnecessary dam gets taken care of.

Only thing worse than the water itself is to see some (many?) motor-cyclist getting splashed right-royal by a speeding 4 wheeler alongside. In this very very self centered times, guess no 4-wheeler driver (or for that matter even the 2-wheeler riders) has time to worry about a 4 feet wave of water splashed from the car wheels drenching some poor soul on the side.

Like every other year, even this year MCH officials claimed that they are keeping track of rain water logging on roads, and are doing the needful to alleviate this. While I did see MCH work and reduce the severe water-logging on certain problematic stretches, this doesnt happen until after many rains and in some cases eminently avoidable fatal accidents!

But this year though, I have seen some action on even new stretches where rain water gets logged. Saw action on the Hitech city road (ofcourse, granted that this road is not an avaerage representative road of Hyderabad. But then in the past, even this road got the same treatment as other roads with respect to rain water lakes. So hopefully, this improvement also is happening everywhere). After just a few rains, on one bad stretch, there has been fresh drains put up to drain the water out. You will be surprised to know how extensive the storm water drain network is in this city. So, even if there is no “nala” or side-walk-drain-canals in sight, the city staff can get a drain by just digging up a small stretch and linking it to the nearest sorm water mains.

It is always amazing to see public administration work efficiently. Until recently the only example I could find of extremely high efficiency in public administration was in Singapore. While we still have a very long way to go till we get to that level, Hyderabad does show signs of progress though. In that direction.

Banjara Hills How it is named

There is a story I heard about the name Banjara hills. I thought I will share it out. It seems earliler in hyderabad, the people who were nomads were staying in the area. Those belong to Banjara group and lead their lives there. Those times (not sure how old was it) banjara hills is kind of out side and considered as deserted place. So they natives of hyderabad called the places Banjara hills. Thats how the name has been formed.

But now, can you imagine Banjara hills is one of the posh rich place to live in.

Radio is Back?

At the time when India got independent in 1947, Radio was being used a lot all across India. I am sure TV wasn’t available at that time and the news was spread across the country by means of Newspapers and Radio.
As time passed by, TV was introduced and it became very very famous. Then came Internet. and it looks like Radio has become the hotspot again.As Einstein has said earlier, Time is like a wheel and it gets repeated.And we have come back to Radio.When I used to study in Kakinada, i had the first taste of FM radio. “Visakha FM”, the first FM radio station in Andhra Pradesh was introduced in Vizag. It was great fun listening to FM radio at that time and it is not boring like the ordinary radio stations. FM is full of entertainment and most of the time, they broadcast music. Time passed by and I couldn’t stay in touch with FM music for quite some time.
Now it is hard to find a bus or a barber shop or a teashop in the city without a radio. There is scarcely anyone who hasn’t tapped his or her feet to the rhythm of the racy numbers.It is not possible today to imagine rotis being made in the kitchen of a hotel or a residence without the radio roaring in the background.
That’s all because of FM channels.FM fever spread in the city.It’s just everywhere– in middle, lower or high-class households.FM radios also owe their popularity to the fact that they are affordable enough to break the rural-urban divide.Probably with the increase in number of channels, FM stations would start playing a key-role in information dissemination too.
Radio Mirchi 95 FM Hyderabad is the 10th station of ENIL(Entertainment Network India Ltd) to start operations.The station went on-air with southern superstar Chiranjeevi being the first sound on the station. Their programmes are designed in such a way that the station reflected the tastes and aspirations of the city,Hyderabad.
Other channels,Rainbow (101.9 FM) and Radio City (106.4 FM) dole out a mix of Hindi and Telugu programmes that are largely film based, while Radio Mirchi (95 FM) thrives on Telugu music.Hyderabad has a mix of people speaking Telugu, Hindi and English and you can’t afford to miss out on any section.Their programmes are based on a `mood map’ that we’ve prepared. For instance, you are in no mood to listen to racy numbers in the morning.I am happy that we have a few FM channels. The channels should cater to the cosmopolitan crowd as well as localites. In some time, hopefully the channels would become more chirpy and informative like their counterparts in other metros.Apart from traffic, information on health care, shopping and banking would be welcome. What newspapers do at a macro level, radio can do at a micro level.Rainbow FM, for instance, airs a programme on HIV awareness that’s been conceived by the AP AIDS Control Society.
Hyderabad is a tough domain given its mix of cultures.Though they primarily cater to the younger lot, they cannot miss out on older melodies. Likewise, they have a slot for western music even though Hindi and Telugu programmes cater to the larger sections.
There are more FM players, like Adlabs and the Sun group, who are eyeing Hyderabad. While prospective RJs have more choice of work, listeners can hope for better programmes.
Did you ever get a chance to listen to FM radio? If not, then try it and I bet you stay glued.

To see FM Radio stations in India: Go and visit Asia waves

Celebrating the Rains..

Yippee! It’s the rainy season in Hyderabad yet again..
Season of fragrant rains and drenched souls.
Of hot mirchi bajjis and Irani chai.
Of cosy beds and luxurious sleep, dreaming of angels and fairies.

Somehow, the very act of standing at the window with a cup of coffee/tea and watching the rain slash down is a sensous experience. The sight of the rain against your window, the delicate sound of falling raindrops, the fragrance of the earth at the first drop of rain, ah, bliss! As you watch the rain, an overwhelming sense of belonging seeps into you, where you are just happy to be.
Happy to be in this beautiful city.
Happy to be a part of it.
Happy to have been born in it.
Happy for the bonds it helped create.

And you desperately wish you had been a poet, to extol it with lyrical verse. But hey, you can always read what a poet had to say about the city.

See how the speckled sky burns like a pigeon’s throat,
Jewelled with embers of opal and peridote.

See the white river that flashes and scintillates,
Curved like a tusk from the mouth of the city-gates.

Hark, from the minaret, how the muezzin’s call
Floats like a battle-flag over the city wall.

From trellised balconies, languid and luminous
Faces gleam, veiled in a splendour voluminous.

Leisurely elephants wind through the winding lanes,
Swinging their silver bells hung from their silver chains.

Round the high Char Minar sounds of gay cavalcades
Blend with the music of cymbals and serenades.

Over the city bridge Night comes majestical,
Borne like a queen to a sumptuous festival.

[“Nightfall in the City of Hyderabad” from The Golden Threshold. Sarojini Naidu ]

Life is beautiful…
Especially in Hyderabad..:)

Perceptions and false positives

This world cup has been one that went with the script by and large compared to the past couple of editions. Save for the Czech Republics failure to qualify for the last 16, the rest of the teams expected to make the make next round, made it.

A City Called Hyderabad…

“Ide ide andala bhagyanagaramu..”

Indeed, the beautiful Bhagyanagar. A city with a soul of its own. While all other cities in the country got on to the bandwagon of commercialisation and glitzy lifestyles losing their identities, Hyderabad has managed to adopt everything without losing even a touch of its original, exotic flavour. And it will remain this way.

The true yogi of the country. Which can get involved without getting attached. Tell someone in Hyderabad that something is wrong with the city, they will simply nod. Or smile, to say the least. Then ask them what they like in other cities. You will definitely get an unbiased, accurate report of what’s happening and hot in other cities, and what Hyderabad lacks. Hyderabadis are known for their general knowledge. Now ask them if they’d like to settle down elsewhere. I’d be suprised if you emerge alive after that statement. They will look at you like you’ve lost your head. To live elsewhere is blasphemy or at most, a horrible compromise. That is the spirit of a true Hyderabadi. He is not blind to the faults of his city, yet loves it like his own child.

What else can you say about a city that welcomes everyone, hates no one, and yet knows what it is? It is a heavenly city, indeed.

Idi chaala hot guru!
Extremely hot!!

Ram Gopal Varma: A Crown to Hyderabad

Ram Gopal Varma!!!! In the movie world he is popularly known as Ramu.A civil engineer by profession, Ram Gopal Varma entered the world of cinema by choice not circumstance. His self-proclaimed love for movies has been the primary source of his film-making knowledge which he translated on screen effectively. Whenever I read his name or hear his name from anybody or see him in a magazine or television,I’ll just have an undefined feeling.You can see my eyes twinkle with verymuch adulation.If anybody places a topic about him I indulge in incessant discussion..Nonstop..’His movies are like dis and his movies are like dat’ format.Someone may get bored,of course!If anyone of his movies flops,I defend him by saying, “Ramu’s movie creates sensation whether it’s a hit or a flop.You see,this film has so many technical values..It’s sad that you haven’t reached Ramu’s concept..” If anyone blames him,there will definitely be a fight..Not a physical fight..ha ha..An altercation..I always try to win..During my college days,my friends used to tease me by making sarcastic conversations about his movies..But I didn’t take them as light though I’m a fun loving person basically.Lolz… I’ve grown up now…I think this passion for celebrities generates when we’re in the teenage and ends gradually as the age goes on due to responsibilities,career advancements,lack of their individual lives.But my passion for RamGopalVarma still remains on! I’ve seen so many boys and girls having dying passion for their favorite celebrities..’ve seen them buying and hanging costly wall posters in their personal rooms and ‘ve seen them placing desktop slideshows,screensavers on their personal computer sysytems..But I never did such things..You cannot see a single pic of Ramu in my room,as I admire his works and he is close to my heart..I have a peculiar attitude of asking opinion about a Ramu’s movie, from strangers though I’m against talk with strangers in other aspects.This irresistive nature leaded me to face some funny incidents.During the interval of a Ramu’s movie in a theatre,I asked my fellow spectator,”How’s the movie,Sir?”..He said,”It’s very nicely going on..good.good..And by the way,what’s your part in this movie?” Ha ha ha…One evening I came home from office.My woman told me at the entrance,”Hey,you’re late..Just now,your Ramu’s interview finished off on TV….” Then I hurriedly said,”When it repeats,any idea?”… My woman has a kind of feeling that if I have a chance to choose her and Ramu then I would select Ramu,first..She says like that..I don’t know what will I do then..Lolzz..Am I crazy about him?Am I mad about him? Am I a hardcore fan of Ram Gopal Varma? Why? But my aim of writing this post is not to justify my adulation about Ram Gopal Varma but about the feelings of a man who’s fascinated by an ace film maker..Are you a fan of any celebrity? Does anyone of you have this kind of feelings about your favorite? Or am I behaving like a stupid and childish guy without having the needed mental maturity?
Just wanna share with you..
And you can meet my blog on him at Ram Gopal Varma

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