Minerva Coffee Shop – A Foodie’s Take

Yesterday I visited Minerva Coffee Shop at Somajiguda Circle (near Babu Khan Mall), to get an evening bite. Later thought of sharing my experience with you and grade their service, food, ambience on a scale of 1 to 5.

I always prefer sweet as a starter because Ayurveda suggests that one should start one’s food with sweet, follow it with sour and salty and finish it with bitter taste. Finishing with bitter stuff is a tough ask but I do not mind starting with sweet. Off late I have started liking this pattern of eating.

I ordered Gulab Jamun* (at rupees 26) first. After a bit of wait it arrived on the table. I expected that it will be served warm but it was served at room temperature. The quality and taste was good. It would have made for a perfect start if it was heated a bit. (Points: 2)

I ordered Butter Masala Dosa** (at rupees 43) next. It was served hot but I felt that they had used more than optimum amount of salt. (Points: 2)

Finished it off with a Masala Tea*** (at rupees 22). Now that is what I call perfect. (Points: 5)

Verdict: Food -3

Overall it is a clean looking and appropriately lighted place. Only till I looked closer at the sofa I was sitting on. It carried memories of people (in form of food-stains) who sat there before. Supposedly, it was not thoroughly cleaned for days. Better if they could put a cover over sofas and clean it daily. I looked for manager to communicate the same but he was not around.

I liked the instrumental music that was playing in the background.

Verdict: Ambience – 3

The waiters, stewards and captain carried a welcoming smile. I know that it is very hard to carry a smile with the kind of meager salaries that employees of hotels and restaurants receive; but they managed it somehow.

The waiter at my table also kept on refilling glass of water without asking even once.

Once I finished eating, a finger bowl**** was put in front of me filled with hot water. If a kid would have put his fingers, there were great chances of burning. I communicated this to the steward and he obliged by adding some cold water.

Verdict: Service – 3

This is not the first hot water experience for me. Other restaurants are also experts in this act of kindness :). When I see all these establishments overlooking these minor details; my entrepreneurial mind tells me that there is a lot of opportunity for entrepreneurs in every sphere (retail food chains, education, consumer electronics etc.) who can promise and deliver a unique customer experience.

Overall verdict

Visit Minerva if you want to have basic North Indian and South Indian food at a reasonably priced, centrally located place. Good for once in two month basic eating experience. You can go with friends. Not suited to invite some guest or a person with formal association.


*To make Gulab Jamuns small balls made with refined wheat flour and condensed milk are deep fried in oil and later dipped in sugar syrup for few hours before being served.

** Dosa is prepared by spreading a layer of batter of rice and lentils over a preheated pan. The stuffing is mashed potatoes, cooked with spices and onions. It is essentially freshly coked with coconut chutney and sambhar (lentil flour soup cooked with vegetables, tamarind and various spices).

***Tea made with select spices (cloves, cinnamon etc.) and dry ginger.

****A small bowl that holds water for rinsing the fingers at the table.

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  1. Amit Agarwal (unregistered) on June 3rd, 2006 @ 5:03 pm

    This post revived some old memories.

    Minerva in Somajiguda was our favorite joint while we were staying in Hyderabad. The food and service was pretty decent then.

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