Secunderabad.. 200 years old!

Nice to see the celebrations underway. The whole city is filled with the posters and mini-billboards about the 200 year celebrations. Parade grounds in Secunderabad will host some pretty good shows including one by Remo. Looks interesting. But one point getting notice is the rumblings that Secunderabad always gets a secondary treatment when compared to Hyderabad. Though there is only one city administration- Municipal Corp of Hyderabad. Come to think of it, thought at times I feel good that there are other parts of the city that get spruced up (like few years back I was on the Vijaywada road, heading out of city, and was impressed, The road was as good as the airport road. nearly). But then, one has to go to old city and parts of Secunderabad, and the bubble gets burst. Granted.. lot of “new” economic activity happens in the hitech and Madhapur side of city, but this is still only a very small part of the city. Prob no more than 5%! Guess even people that work in the HiTech industry, do live mostly in the remaining 95% of the city!

Hope the city administration does something about developing the city moer equitably. That said.. Hyderabad is anyday better than Bangalore or Chennai. The pace of work is much faster here. There is a proactive city and state administration. Politicians are generally development savvy.. and proactive themselves. Just look at the pace of work on the three new flyovers in Begumpet, Somajiguda, Panjagutta stretch. Or, even the ORR road. Inspite of all the political noise around it, it is a massive project. And is just 2-3 years since the whole idea was mooted. And all along the completion date was 2007-08. And we are still on track towards that.

For now.. guess we shoul dfeel proud that Secunderabad is 200 years old! And it does have a distinct attitude, even today, when compared to it’s bigger sibling city of Hyderabad.

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  1. Mohit Pawar (unregistered) on June 3rd, 2006 @ 6:06 pm

    Ramesh: I liked the part (… you go inside and bubble bursts..).I hope the politicians remain development-savvy in future also.

    Infrastructure and all is great but for a lasting change we need people who own the city and use civic amenities as they will use their own house. Not literally :) but at least in terms of care and responsibility of keeping it clean.

    All said we are on the right track. Hopefully the twin cities will be able to retain their heritage and unique identity as we move on to another era of growth and glory.

  2. Bharath (unregistered) on June 3rd, 2006 @ 9:35 pm

    //Hyderabad is anyday better than Bangalore or Chennai.

    Thats not justified fully. Still hyderabad lags behind those two cities in many many areas. This place is far less cosmo/metro. I mean, it’s yet to become a ‘Metro’. As u said, the so called development (flyovers, road widening, malls, multiplexes) are all confined to a particular place. And to shop, eat and celebrate on a weekend u need to travel all the way to that place(Begumpet, Punjagutta). That leads to a whole lot of traffic and crowd there. I chennai and blore it its far more distributed. U get everything everywhere.

  3. Candadai Tirumalai (unregistered) on June 4th, 2006 @ 1:06 am

    In the 1950s youngsters had their own cricket sessions and teams on Parade Grounds in the evening. I don’t know if that is still possible. Two restaurants near the Clock Tower run by Iranians were very popular, the second of them located near Mahbub College, my school. The circus seemed to come annually to Karbala Maidan. When I was in the city three years ago, it was far more built up than in my day. The biggest change about the twin cities, I suppose, is that they now constitute a major Cyber hub.

  4. Ramesh (unregistered) on June 4th, 2006 @ 1:57 pm

    About cosmo/metro.. guess Metro is just a size attribute. So may be sometime before Hyderabad becomes a Metro. But Cosmo.. como on.. guess we are anyday more cosmo than most cities. By Cosmo I mean a truly plural society, tolerant, broad minded and relatively more intellectual (dont know abt the last one though.. atleast I see that as an essential pre-req for a cosmo env :-)).. Hyderabad is all of these. Now.. it is something esle, if one refers to being ultra modern (as in ultra mini shorts/shirts, more liberal views (now here.. one person’s “liberal” is another’s loose morals.. so this is surely a moer gradual evolution.. always outliers fringing on the majority’s moral periopheries).

    Hyderabad is a city where one can get away with chaste Hindi, the very very localized hyderabadi language- urdu+hindi+(yes.. a little telugu)+some-terms-very-hard-to-figure-where-they-came-from. And ofcourse, one can manage with telugu.. well almost. Can any city be more cosmo than this.. wher ethe city is capital of a telugu speaking state.. and yet the biz language is hindi, more than telugu. A place where many people come her e to work from other states, live here many years, and still do not need to learn the local language telugu. Can you imagine this in Chennai.. or for that matter even in Hyderabad? Can you think of any other city, where the masses in the city by and large are atleast bi-lingual, and in most cases tri+-lingual! Can you imagine any other cities where the city has atleast three religions in fairly large proportions! Yes.. we did have our riots.. but am in the camp that believe that these are more politically driven, than truly grass-roots and spontaneous. At a time when we have government sponsored religious riots, here i sHyderabad where the city administration gets more creative every year to prevent the riots in a very religiously-charged-ganesh-immersion processions. Here temples, traditional shops, modern malls and pubs.. all very peacefully co-exist. Each have their preferences. Maybe very strong. And still do not mind other’s preferences. Isnt this the essence of being liberal? And isnt this at the core of being Cosmo?

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