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On June 2, 2006 couple of friends got together at JNTU to kick start the activity for BarCampHyderabad2.

Once the meeting was over I headed towards Latent Images at Babu Khan Mall, Somajiguda to get a new tripod for my camera. My interaction with one Mr. Suresh Joshi, the store manager of Latent Images made my evening.

This is the first time I came across Mr. Joshi at the store. Earlier I was attended by various sales people. They are all good but do not possess the attitude of Mr. Joshi.

He made me feel like a valued customer despite this being my first encounter with him. He listened to all my queries patiently, explained things in detail and cleared my doubts. After taking my consent, he created the bill without asking for money. Not to suggest that he would have let me take the stuff without taking the money. This was a refreshingly unique experience as opposed to instances where sales people push you into making a buying decision. He was not hurried in his approach. As a result I left the store as a happy customer with my prized possession.

Take 2 of the tale, I reached adjoining Minerva Coffee Shop as I mentioned in my earlier post. I already shared with you a major part of the experience there. The rest of the tale includes a couple who entered the restaurant with their son (aged around 8 years).

Both of them were searching for a place to sit. Throughout they were focused on each other, busy in their own chit-chat while child was dejected and sad lacking any attention at all from his parents.

Such instances are sad. I do not know the reason but probably the reason is the lack of sensitivity. I wrote about this issue earlier. The westernization and technology has created a change in our lifestyle, way of communication etc. That is all good but if it affects our value system nothing great about it.

Kids are tender beings who need care and nurturing like a small plant does. If we nurture their lives with good doses of attention, love and care they grow up as complete individuals with high self esteem, confidence and sense of stability in their lives. If they lack attention and love in their lives they look outwards to find it. In such situations, chances of these kids ending up in wrong relationships for wrong reasons and falling prey to other bad habits are high.

If you are a parent to a kid make sure that your kid is not devoid of your love, attention and care. Good if you buy them latest stuff and send them to a good school but take care of other small necessities also. Sit with them, listen to them with patience, and know what they are up to at school. Kids may not tell you at first. But if you behave like their constant companions they will confide in you and you will be in a situation to guide them onto right path.

I will look forward to your thoughts on this.

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  1. Candadai Tirumalai (unregistered) on June 4th, 2006 @ 12:51 am

    I entirely agree with you that it was quite wrong of the parents to ignore their child while in the restaurant. In ancient Roman times, one of their leading citizens remarked that he was glad that his daughters had never seen him exchanging any sort of intimacy with their mother. About a year ago I saw an American couple on a bus absorbed in one another in the presence of their daughter who looked about 10, when she turned to her father and said protestingly, “You are mean to me”. You are a good observer of the human scene.

  2. Rupali Arora (unregistered) on June 15th, 2006 @ 4:15 pm

    Its really good to see your concern for the kids. coz at this age people generally tend to pay attention to some other things but still in such a big crowd u managed to look at a leftout kid.

    Good going, looking forward to read more such touchy moments

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