Auto rickshaws. Any rules

Another agony in Hyderabad. Though your heart wants to appreciate the government to widen the rode and made 3 or 4 lanes where ever possible. Who owns the new lane that the government constructed spending crores and crores of our incometax. Its sad to say that it is not used usefully by anybody other than “Auto Rickshaws”.

Any “T” junction, or a cross road(where 4 roads meet), near any IT companies. You can see a queue of autos numbering from 10 to 20 occupying the left most lane. Adding to that are the pedestrians. Some times they dont get a path to use the platform so they end up going around the last lane. Effectively more than one and a half of the road occupied. Does it stop here? No. We have a strange concept of share auto. I dont know if the RTO permits to carry more than 7 -10 ppl in a share auto(which is licensed to carry 7 – 8 ppl). But they end up carrying 15 – 20 people. A normal yellow auto will carry minimum of 8-10 people. Its really unfortunate to see some of well educated people also take these auto just to save a few rupees.

Ah….3 lane on road, one lane for auto parking, half of second lane for pedestrians. One lane for running autos. And that leave only one lane for all heavy vehicles, two wheelers, bi-cycles, car, van, buses. Oh man..too much crowded.

Cops..oh boy-o-boy. I reserver my view on cops for next post…its another on going …..*(^##%^%@*%Q#

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  1. Vaidehi (unregistered) on June 19th, 2006 @ 7:27 pm

    Unruly auto-drivers and monopoly of autorickshaws is definitely “the” most common scene in Hyderabad..But perhaps the figures you quote are slightly exaggerated..being a commuter who regularly takes a share auto, I have never travelled with more than 6(including the driver) in a normal yellow auto…and have never seen a 7-seater auto with more than 10 people..what you quote is probably an exception, not the norm.

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