Corruption at Petrol pumps

I was going to office,a few days ago.On my way,my bike’s fuel position reached the reserved.So I got into a petrol pump near by and asked the boy to fill 2litres of petrol.He reset the meter to zero and did his job.Then I resumed my way to office.But just after 2km,my bike stopped suddenly.I thought it might be a problem with choke.So I put the lever up and kicked the bike.But no use.Not started..After a few trials,I placed the petrol cock lever in the reserved position and kicked it now.To my surprise,it started now. Oh my God..2litres for just 2km? furious and went back to the petrol pump and barked at the boy about this.He said,”we didn’t do anything wrong..You’ve seen..I set the meter to zero and filled out 2litres..we cannot do anything for you..” I argued with him explaining the reserved scene..but he didn’t even listen to my words..I met the manager of the pump and told about this..He said nothing otherthan the boy said..
Then,what should I do?And how can a common man like me,fight with those people without any evidence?Was that due to fudging of meters? Definitely,yes!! I can lodge a complaint to the police or bring to the notice of any news paper..But will they control this kind of corruption in petrol pumps? I guess,No.. Then what we people have to do? One thing,it comes to my mind that if corruption is inevitable,we should try to stay away from the evil of corruption rather than fight with the evil?
To my knowledge there’re two solutions to overcome this kind of corruption..

  1. Tank full everytime or we have to take a 2lt or 5lt tin to the petrol pump and get it filled,there by avoiding the fudging..At least we can argue with them,if it goes wrong..But is it possible at everytime? I hope,No..
  2. Request the motor manufacturers to set digital meters which indicate the quantity of fuel in the vehicle when it’s in the idle position..I think,it works out perfectly..

There is no dearth of laws, rules and regulations to prevent such adulteration and other malpractices at petrol pumps. Besides the guidelines of the oil companies, the state governments are vested with powers to tackle adulteration of motor spirit and high speed diesel under different quality control orders issued under the Essential Commodities Act.
To these have been added two more orders to tackle adulteration of petrol and diesel with naptha, solvent, raffinate and slop. In addition, the department of weights and measures can haul up dealers for inaccuracy in the meters of dispensing units and for tampering with its seal, under the Standards of Weights and Measures Rules.

Adulteration of motor fuel and rigging of petrol dispensing units are major problems,we see.Ask oil companies and they will tell you how they cannot take action against such dealers because of their “high political connections”.And in all this, it is the consumer interest that is sacrificed. When a person pays a bribe and uses political influence to get a dealership, it is eventually the consumer who is going to suffer because obviously the person who has paid the bribe will resort to unscrupulous practices to recover the money as quickly as possible. And he also knows that even if there are consumer complaints against him, the same “money power” and political connections will protect him.

All we can only do is..we can enjoy watching movies where the hero fights with corruption..Atleast we can satisfy ourselves vicariously..Corruption usually starts at home; what do you expect of children who are taught to show so-called appreciation for what is otherwise their fundamental human right when they grow up? We cannot fight corruption when everyone sees it as a normal thing.
ok..How does corruption affect your life? What can we do as individuals to fight it? How should we deal with those found guilty of corruption? Will we ever be free of it? And I found out these quotes about corruption…

  • Corruption is nature’s way of restoring our faith in democracy.
  • Corruption is like a ball of snow, once it’s set a rolling it must increase.

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  1. Prakash (unregistered) on June 21st, 2006 @ 6:14 pm

    It would be better if you could share which petrol pump address/name information. This could make people aware, and we can avoid going to that petrol station. Probably we can make an impact to their business.

  2. Gangadhar (unregistered) on June 23rd, 2006 @ 6:19 pm

    Well Prakash,i had this experience with the pump near Viceroy..And one of my friends had similar exp in a couple of petrol pumps in the city..I think most of the pumps are doing in this way….

    btw gud to see u on dis post..

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