Ram Gopal Varma: A Crown to Hyderabad

Ram Gopal Varma!!!! In the movie world he is popularly known as Ramu.A civil engineer by profession, Ram Gopal Varma entered the world of cinema by choice not circumstance. His self-proclaimed love for movies has been the primary source of his film-making knowledge which he translated on screen effectively. Whenever I read his name or hear his name from anybody or see him in a magazine or television,I’ll just have an undefined feeling.You can see my eyes twinkle with verymuch adulation.If anybody places a topic about him I indulge in incessant discussion..Nonstop..’His movies are like dis and his movies are like dat’ format.Someone may get bored,of course!If anyone of his movies flops,I defend him by saying, “Ramu’s movie creates sensation whether it’s a hit or a flop.You see,this film has so many technical values..It’s sad that you haven’t reached Ramu’s concept..” If anyone blames him,there will definitely be a fight..Not a physical fight..ha ha..An altercation..I always try to win..During my college days,my friends used to tease me by making sarcastic conversations about his movies..But I didn’t take them as light though I’m a fun loving person basically.Lolz… I’ve grown up now…I think this passion for celebrities generates when we’re in the teenage and ends gradually as the age goes on due to responsibilities,career advancements,lack of time..in their individual lives.But my passion for RamGopalVarma still remains on! I’ve seen so many boys and girls having dying passion for their favorite celebrities..’ve seen them buying and hanging costly wall posters in their personal rooms and ‘ve seen them placing desktop slideshows,screensavers on their personal computer sysytems..But I never did such things..You cannot see a single pic of Ramu in my room,as I admire his works and he is close to my heart..I have a peculiar attitude of asking opinion about a Ramu’s movie, from strangers though I’m against talk with strangers in other aspects.This irresistive nature leaded me to face some funny incidents.During the interval of a Ramu’s movie in a theatre,I asked my fellow spectator,”How’s the movie,Sir?”..He said,”It’s very nicely going on..good.good..And by the way,what’s your part in this movie?” Ha ha ha…One evening I came home from office.My woman told me at the entrance,”Hey,you’re late..Just now,your Ramu’s interview finished off on TV….” Then I hurriedly said,”When it repeats,any idea?”… My woman has a kind of feeling that if I have a chance to choose her and Ramu then I would select Ramu,first..She says like that..I don’t know what will I do then..Lolzz..Am I crazy about him?Am I mad about him? Am I a hardcore fan of Ram Gopal Varma? Why? But my aim of writing this post is not to justify my adulation about Ram Gopal Varma but about the feelings of a man who’s fascinated by an ace film maker..Are you a fan of any celebrity? Does anyone of you have this kind of feelings about your favorite? Or am I behaving like a stupid and childish guy without having the needed mental maturity?
Just wanna share with you..
And you can meet my blog on him at Ram Gopal Varma

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  1. bhaskar (unregistered) on July 2nd, 2006 @ 9:27 am

    sir plz take me extra role in ur new film

  2. santosh (unregistered) on July 12th, 2006 @ 7:32 pm

    dear sir,
    plz give me a one chance. for your new project b,cause this is my dream

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