Celebrating the Rains..

Yippee! It’s the rainy season in Hyderabad yet again..
Season of fragrant rains and drenched souls.
Of hot mirchi bajjis and Irani chai.
Of cosy beds and luxurious sleep, dreaming of angels and fairies.

Somehow, the very act of standing at the window with a cup of coffee/tea and watching the rain slash down is a sensous experience. The sight of the rain against your window, the delicate sound of falling raindrops, the fragrance of the earth at the first drop of rain, ah, bliss! As you watch the rain, an overwhelming sense of belonging seeps into you, where you are just happy to be.
Happy to be in this beautiful city.
Happy to be a part of it.
Happy to have been born in it.
Happy for the bonds it helped create.

And you desperately wish you had been a poet, to extol it with lyrical verse. But hey, you can always read what a poet had to say about the city.

See how the speckled sky burns like a pigeon’s throat,
Jewelled with embers of opal and peridote.

See the white river that flashes and scintillates,
Curved like a tusk from the mouth of the city-gates.

Hark, from the minaret, how the muezzin’s call
Floats like a battle-flag over the city wall.

From trellised balconies, languid and luminous
Faces gleam, veiled in a splendour voluminous.

Leisurely elephants wind through the winding lanes,
Swinging their silver bells hung from their silver chains.

Round the high Char Minar sounds of gay cavalcades
Blend with the music of cymbals and serenades.

Over the city bridge Night comes majestical,
Borne like a queen to a sumptuous festival.

[“Nightfall in the City of Hyderabad” from The Golden Threshold. Sarojini Naidu ]

Life is beautiful…
Especially in Hyderabad..:)

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