Monsoons, rains, cool breeze, no water shortage, greenery everywhere,and.. WATER LOGGING

Along with all the freshness and goodness that monsoon showers bring, the water logging on the roads is an all familar sight during the monsoons. Here in Hyderabad, and probably in a worse form in other cities. The water collected could be anything ranging from small puddles (everywhere) to large lakes- there are atleast a few that get formed after every heavy downpour on the Hitec city to Panjagutta road. Very meticulously dammed bythe median divider on one side and the sidewalks on the other side. Takes atleast a few monsoons before this unintended and unnecessary dam gets taken care of.

Only thing worse than the water itself is to see some (many?) motor-cyclist getting splashed right-royal by a speeding 4 wheeler alongside. In this very very self centered times, guess no 4-wheeler driver (or for that matter even the 2-wheeler riders) has time to worry about a 4 feet wave of water splashed from the car wheels drenching some poor soul on the side.

Like every other year, even this year MCH officials claimed that they are keeping track of rain water logging on roads, and are doing the needful to alleviate this. While I did see MCH work and reduce the severe water-logging on certain problematic stretches, this doesnt happen until after many rains and in some cases eminently avoidable fatal accidents!

But this year though, I have seen some action on even new stretches where rain water gets logged. Saw action on the Hitech city road (ofcourse, granted that this road is not an avaerage representative road of Hyderabad. But then in the past, even this road got the same treatment as other roads with respect to rain water lakes. So hopefully, this improvement also is happening everywhere). After just a few rains, on one bad stretch, there has been fresh drains put up to drain the water out. You will be surprised to know how extensive the storm water drain network is in this city. So, even if there is no “nala” or side-walk-drain-canals in sight, the city staff can get a drain by just digging up a small stretch and linking it to the nearest sorm water mains.

It is always amazing to see public administration work efficiently. Until recently the only example I could find of extremely high efficiency in public administration was in Singapore. While we still have a very long way to go till we get to that level, Hyderabad does show signs of progress though. In that direction.

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