Radio is Back?

At the time when India got independent in 1947, Radio was being used a lot all across India. I am sure TV wasn’t available at that time and the news was spread across the country by means of Newspapers and Radio.
As time passed by, TV was introduced and it became very very famous. Then came Internet. and it looks like Radio has become the hotspot again.As Einstein has said earlier, Time is like a wheel and it gets repeated.And we have come back to Radio.When I used to study in Kakinada, i had the first taste of FM radio. “Visakha FM”, the first FM radio station in Andhra Pradesh was introduced in Vizag. It was great fun listening to FM radio at that time and it is not boring like the ordinary radio stations. FM is full of entertainment and most of the time, they broadcast music. Time passed by and I couldn’t stay in touch with FM music for quite some time.
Now it is hard to find a bus or a barber shop or a teashop in the city without a radio. There is scarcely anyone who hasn’t tapped his or her feet to the rhythm of the racy numbers.It is not possible today to imagine rotis being made in the kitchen of a hotel or a residence without the radio roaring in the background.
That’s all because of FM channels.FM fever spread in the city.It’s just everywhere– in middle, lower or high-class households.FM radios also owe their popularity to the fact that they are affordable enough to break the rural-urban divide.Probably with the increase in number of channels, FM stations would start playing a key-role in information dissemination too.
Radio Mirchi 95 FM Hyderabad is the 10th station of ENIL(Entertainment Network India Ltd) to start operations.The station went on-air with southern superstar Chiranjeevi being the first sound on the station. Their programmes are designed in such a way that the station reflected the tastes and aspirations of the city,Hyderabad.
Other channels,Rainbow (101.9 FM) and Radio City (106.4 FM) dole out a mix of Hindi and Telugu programmes that are largely film based, while Radio Mirchi (95 FM) thrives on Telugu music.Hyderabad has a mix of people speaking Telugu, Hindi and English and you can’t afford to miss out on any section.Their programmes are based on a `mood map’ that we’ve prepared. For instance, you are in no mood to listen to racy numbers in the morning.I am happy that we have a few FM channels. The channels should cater to the cosmopolitan crowd as well as localites. In some time, hopefully the channels would become more chirpy and informative like their counterparts in other metros.Apart from traffic, information on health care, shopping and banking would be welcome. What newspapers do at a macro level, radio can do at a micro level.Rainbow FM, for instance, airs a programme on HIV awareness that’s been conceived by the AP AIDS Control Society.
Hyderabad is a tough domain given its mix of cultures.Though they primarily cater to the younger lot, they cannot miss out on older melodies. Likewise, they have a slot for western music even though Hindi and Telugu programmes cater to the larger sections.
There are more FM players, like Adlabs and the Sun group, who are eyeing Hyderabad. While prospective RJs have more choice of work, listeners can hope for better programmes.
Did you ever get a chance to listen to FM radio? If not, then try it and I bet you stay glued.

To see FM Radio stations in India: Go and visit Asia waves

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  1. venkata ramana rao (unregistered) on July 1st, 2006 @ 1:16 pm

    Yes, we have got this opportunity to utilise radio is our old friend. I like Radio Mirchi from Mumbai and I had listened in Delhi, Bangalore & now in Hyderabad. They are giving some prizes also to all listeners. They are best in the FM Channel. Other Channels are giving mixed programmes of language based. Now a days every body likes to listen music from pocket radios & Mobile sets due to this.

    Enjoy F.M. Channels always.

    thank you for your e-mail.



  2. ravindher (unregistered) on July 4th, 2006 @ 5:57 pm

    plz say me the connectivity of radio mrchi 95fm throught internet

  3. Angirasa Acharya (unregistered) on July 10th, 2006 @ 12:28 am

    One of the worst things about FM in Hyderabad is the miserable quality and quantity of good English programming!

    It’s frustrating to see this in a place as evolved as the Twin Cities. And considering the number of foreign nationals residing here, it’s almost upsetting.

    Still, we’re pointed in the right direction. Let’s see where this goes.

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