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Bull ride

Where else in Hyderabad,can you experience great food, great music, fresh air, and a mechanical bull ride?
It’s at Eat Street,Necklace road

How many People are reading this blog? Answer is out :)

Seems quite a few are reading this blog.

We thank all those who commented and gave suggestions. They are very thoughtful and what they imply is you folks do read this blog regularly. We got the message!

Its still raining in Hyderabad. Its unbelievably cold for July. Its so fresh and shivery to walk the streets in the mornings. I really like this weather. And as I have posted earlier the rains are good for the farmers. And India is still an agri-based economy, the rapid strides in IT notwithstanding.

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Common sense needed

It was bit frustrating and annoying today when I made my drove to Hyderabad Central. It was approximately 2:00 pm in the afternoon. Residents of Hyderabad know that the place is now chaos due to the flyover construction near Panjagutta signal.

Needless to say about the driving sense in Hyderabad, I managed my way to the entrance of Hyderabad Central. I had to wait for more than 20 mins to pass the entry gate. Reason, I m not sure, they did not allow 2 wheelers inside central parking area. One person in a bike, was arguing with the security person of central to get inside blocking the way for the 4 wheelers to pass inside. The person was so adamnt and senesless and couldnt hear to the honking noice or others abusing her from their cars. At last after 20 mins when another person in a car infront of me stepped down and pointed that person towards the traffic and all the waiting cars to central finally made its way inside.

30 mins or free. Its Real :)

Hyngry Kya? 30 mins or free. It works.

Today I ordered Pizza from Domino’s Pizza from Madaphur. I placed Mexican Green Wave + Garlic Bread which comes with 2 cokes free to a total bill of 262/-. The time I ordered the Pizza was 7:39 PM and the Pizza was delivered at my door steps at 8:33 PM.

I wanted to check if the 30 mins or free works. So I told the person who delivered the pizza that I wont pay him as
its more than 45 mins. He did not even say a single word. He said “Yes Sir, Sure the Pizza is free for you” and then he walked off.

This is really cool. People will have to know that they take service very seriously. Customer satisifcation is getting improved in India. I m loving it.

Domino’s You are Simply Good. Thanks for the free Pizza :)

hyderabad – a tale of recent time

This story dates back to the time of the year 2000, when i was graduating from IIT Bombay and I was the budding billionaire in the petri dish of the incubation center, business got serious during studies and we were looking for quality software engineers to help us hone our ideas and proto type and raise the second round of funding, we published the ad in the news paper, and we had the interview organized in Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi.

Candidates were supposed to relocate to Mumbai! We started interviewing, after scouring through hundreds of resumes and arduous rounds of interviews we created our team and we had 20 in the end, 15 out of them were from hyderabad! Believe me they were fun guys to hang around with, least of qualms, extremely hard working most of them came from village background but had realized through shear brush with luck that IT was going to happen in a big way! Every one of them had a vision to excel! I was thoroughly impressed! One of them said that in Hyderabad if you touch a passing stranger his expression of exclaimation would unsurprising be ‘Oh Java!’

I was in Hyderabad for the first time during 2002, drove down from Mumbai to Hyderabad a stretch of around 750 kilometeres on the 15th of August! Our vehichle was scorpio, one of the very interesting visible statistics we came across was the death of 1 tamed animal every 50 kilometers – we calculated this with out naked eyes and the dried relics stuck onto the road served as the ample testimony to the fact.

You can witness the travelogue here, the city looked promising we reached early in the morning and the roads were being scoured cleaned and they were wide, the people had bad sense of traffic and the natives seemed cute and honest in almost all their dealings. One thing I should mention here that hyderabadis/gultus (natives of Andhras) are by far the most honest and the hard working people I’ve come across in my little life, they’re not shrewed and don’t know cut throat business, and except few you’ll fall in love with almost all of them.

We spend our day in the Madhapur, HITEC city and Golconda! compressed all the fun in one single day, construction was at its full pace, seemed city was brewing up, madhapur was immense and vast and seemed maidenm, just ready for conception.

I was impressed but my allegiance laid with my business in Mumbai, though the place was stary and warm and I had my brother to be with I headed back to Mumbai! Never thinking that I would be back here again sometime soon. But one thing was clear reality was at its boom, the concrete jungle was building up, and there seemed a hidden brain behind the concatenation of events that existed. I followed the city closely and I become one ardent fan of CBN – Chandra Babu Naidu, maestro Chief Minister of the state with a laptop, the modern day leader.

I heard the masses didn’t take him positive due to controversy between Telangana and Andhra and his total concentration on Hyderabad at the cost of other cities and his major focus on e-governance and clean public policies ended up hurting the bad guys. Days of CBN soon were over but his precedent till date remains unparalleled and how I wish that he comes back to power again.

Any how I stepped in hyderabad on May 6 2005 once again! This time I bid farewell to Mumbai for good and was relocating here to Hyderabad, experience was positive I immediately felt a sense of calmness dawning over my head! Mumbai was so fast that I never had time to appreciate the beauty of the dame crossing the roads! I spent initial days in Ohri’s and then got used to the place – my looks often ends up revealing that I am an alien and my hindi also proves that I am not an ascendant of a nizaam but that of a nawaab! Who cares I am enjoying the place the place is still puffing up and I think I am here to stay! :)

Feel Good and Secure

I frequently visit Bangalore by train. The train timing of Bangalore express changed which now comes to Hyderabad Kacheguda station at 5:15 AM, previously it was 6:30 AM.

I felt quite happy that the traffic police was still taking the names of the passengers and their destination along with the auto number. It was quite impressive by their duty as they were up and working for the public early in the morning.

Hyderabad ensures saftey for people. Good Stuff.

Its raining in Hyderabad

Incessant rains for the past couple of days(upto 130mm last night only in some places). Cold winds during the daytime. Sometimes I wonder if I am really in Hyderabad and not in the pacific north-west of US.

And we are still in July. I remember how it was last year this time. I just returned from abroad and its was muggy and hot for some weeks. There was water scarcity issues around the city.

It just feels so different. Drizzling for most of the day or threatening to rain. But I am not complaining :). Except for the fact that it takes a while for the clothes to dry :-S

Sounds wierd but if you are familiar with the general weather in India or Hyderabad, you will never need a dryer to dry the clothes. Its so sunny for the most part that one can hang his/her clothes dry in a few hours during the daytime. So its a common practice here of people buying just the Washing machine and no the dryer.

Of course there are exceptions and even the Washing machines are not very wide spread in India. But a big % of homes in urban India do have washing machines.

But these rains are really good for the farmers. Eventhough the Monsoons have officially arrived a month ago, there havent been many downpours in that period and the farmer folk around the region was getting worried. Though this would have pumped up their spirits a bit, I am not sure if we have enough facilities to store this water and not let it seep into the earth quickly.

Rain Rain! please keep our farmers happy :).

How many people are reading this blog?

I am really not sure.
From the comments, it looks like only the authors are visiting.
If so how do we move this forward and get people to come here?

Should be put this up in some free e-classifieds and other bulletin boards?

Authors >> Lets plan and do something. Should we post in other Hyderabad sites?

Visitors Please take a minute to comment, so we hear you :). And we know you. Your suggestions are always welcome!. And if you are interested in writing here, we can work out something!

Mindset of the people in a sensitive city

What will you do when you see a bag being dropped(probably slipped) from a scooter ahead of you? Particularly if you’re living in a sensitive city like Hyderabad!

Will you pickup the bag and hand it over to the scooterist thereby helping him?
You simply go by your own way neglecting what had happened?

You must hesitate to say “yes” to the first option! Cause: There might be some explosives or ammunition or any dreaded weapons inside the bag..Or you may think you can get trapped Or something bad will happen.

Don’t get surprised! Most of the people here are thinking like that only and they are very scared and their helping nature is going to diminished…That could be due Mumbai blasts or whatevrer the past extremist activities happened here in Hyderabad or anywhere in the country.Police had beefed up security arrangements at key installations here, like Hitec City etc.And I’m not going to tell you about how sensitive the city has become now a days… But I’d like to share my feelings about how people’s attitude changed due to the mishappennings..New mindset of the people!! Not only people of Hyderabad but all those terror affected cities in the world….
Those mishappennings certainly have left a negative impact on public minds; which is, that the state set-up, whether it is being led by a popularly elected government, does not seem to provide them enough security. A feeling that forces people to be scared of moving outside at public spots, of travelling in public and private transport, including trains and buses, as nobody knows when a bomb hidden beneath a seat or in an abandoned suitcase or bag will suddenly explode.
This topic could be debated just depending on what your belief system and tolerance are. Is there such a thing as perfect balance with personal invasion with security measures? I don’t think there will ever be one. Who is to say what that line is?
We may not actually be safer. If someone is really intent on doing damage, they will find a way and do whatever it takes to get the job done. I mean we are dealing with people who are willing to die for their cause at any cost. How does one truly combat that type of mentality? Where do you begin?

Random checking by Police!! Personally I don’t mind the searching of bags.. Is this practice of random searchings likley to extend to other areas of our lives? I’d bet on it. What if the next attack involves some suicide bomber in a cafeteria, hospital, elevator shaft … Are we going to start opening ourselves to random bag checkings wherever the cops want to be? How much are you willing to give up to feel safer? I would rather Police take some action rather then sit back and sit on their caboose. Sure maybe I might be late to my office, dinner, etc…but at least I would still get to my destination. We may not be able to stop them, but shoot…I want to make it as hard as possible to try something. This is where that search comes in.
In a perfect world we would have those x-ray machines like you see good ‘ol Arnold running through in Total Recall, but it’s not. I don’t know what a permanent solution would be, would it be Metal Detectors? Chemical Sensors? Perhaps video cameras on each train, car or bus? Transit police in all trains?
Ok..Fears about acts of terrorism have become prominent concerns in the lives of many individuals.
We are reminded regularly of terrorist attacks in other countries, especially in the Middle East. We are also reminded of the possibility of such attacks in the United States as terror alert levels are reported and warnings issued, and as we witness guards with machine guns not only at our airports but in our cities as well. Newspapers, magazines, and television broadcasts constantly highlight the reality.There is a growing literature defining the characteristics possessed by resilient people, what we refer to as a “resilient mindset.” Not only can we reinforce this mindset in our children, but there are steps we can take to cultivate this mindset within ourselves.
In our day-to-day lives there is little that the average citizen can do to prevent a terrorist act. This does not mean we cannot be more alert at airports or other sensitive locations, nor does it mean that we should deny or ignore possible danger. However, the reality is that most terrorists are not going to advertise their plans. As some experts have noted, terrorists thrive on disrupting one’s sense of security and safety and infusing anxiety into all parts of our lives. In some instances they have succeeded, leaving people less hopeful and more helpless about the present and the future. When this anxious, pessimistic state of mind prevails, the terrorists have accomplished part of their goal.We believe that even in the midst of the threat of terrorism,people can strive to develop a mindset and lifestyle that is rooted in the premise, “I am the author of my own life. There are many areas over which I have control and I must focus on these lest I be swept away by anxiety, sadness, helplessness, and hopelessness.”
The development and maintenance of a resilient mindset is one of the best measures we can take to assume a satisfying, joyful life and not succumb to the psychological assault of terrorism. We must do this for ourselves, our children, our neighbors, and for the future of our country.

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