Back to School

As the last of the summer burns away, a familiar sound is beginning to fill the air.

“Mom, I don’t wanna go to school”..That was from my neighborhood..

I chuckled to myself and shook my head as I walked passed the forlorn soon-to-be student last Friday. I almost stopped and asked the boy, who looked to be in fifth- or sixth-grade, why he did not want to school.

When I was his age, this was my favorite time of year. The stores were adorned the bright colors of the season. Folders, rulers, glue, notebooks. They all meant that school would soon be back in session.


At the beginning of summer I would count down the minutes as school came to a close. But the excitement never lasted that long for me. Detective novels and short story books filled my summers. But no matter how interesting the selection, they just didn’t do enough to keep me intrigued.

At the end of the summer, I always was excited to go back to school. Every year held new discoveries and new subjects. I loved learning (I still do, but my retention is just not as good as it used to be). I can still remember being excited about learning about other societies and literature. In addition to this, I also was excited to met new people and the friends that I had not seen during the summer.

In between classes, we would try and catch up on three months of news. It usually took weeks. Of course, some of us got into trouble talking in class. Sometimes my friends were more exciting than the class. Returning to school also meant facing the things I did not like. Social studies and Natural Science(Biology). My lack of understanding was one of the reasons.. Let’s come back to my neighborhood’s boy.

Some kids’re probably feeling excited and may be a little sad that summer is over.They feel nervous or a litle scared on the first day of school because of all new things:new teachers,new friends,and may be even a new school.Luckily,these “new” worries only stick around for a little while. It’s good to get along with their teacher because,in general,it’s smart to learn how to relate to the different types of people they’ll meet throughout their life.

As a kid in elementary or middle school,you’re a a wonderful stage in your life.You’re like a sponge,able to soak up lots of new and exciting information.On top of that,you’re able to think about all this information in new ways.Your teacher knows that,and in most cases,is thrilled to be the person who’s giving you all that material and helping you put it together.Teachers are people,too,and they feel great if you’re open to what they’re teaching you.That’s why they wanted to be teachers in the first place-to teach!

Some kids may be able to learn in any setting,whether they like the teacher or not.But most kids are sensitive to the way they get along with the teacher,and if the things are not going well,hey won’t learn as well and won’t enjoy being in class.

In every school,kids will say certain teachers are mean or tough, but don’t judge a teacher until you are in his or her class and can see yourself. In majority of cases, your teacher is on your side. And teacher who’s called tough may be someone who feels strongly about getting his or her job done-teaching you the subject you are supposed to learn. It’s also important to remember that making mistakes is a part of learning. By pointing out your errors and helping you correct them, a teacher is teaching you.

YOUR school days can form some of your most vivid memories. Whether you loved school or hated it, that one special day or special person can be etched in your mind for the rest of your days.

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