Mumbai Blasts: The importance of not getting carried away.


We have seen one of the most gruesome acts of terror since 9-11. And a deja vĂș of 1993 Mumbai blasts. Lots of innocent lives lost. In the most tragic fashion. I know someone who had a miraculous escape from one of the affected coaches.
For the record, we STILL havent caught the culprits of the Mumbai blasts that happened 13 years ago. These guys live scot-free in the middle-east or in Pakistan. Makes your blood boil when you know that these guys are still at large and our Govt seems to do nothing. There was the Akshardam temple tragedy a few years ago. and the attack outside the Parliament in Delhi.

Frustrating YES.

Everyone seems to know how to handle the situation better than the Government itself. Some of the criticism is very valid. Infact a lot it. But what riles me is the level of ignorance people display, when they compare India with Israel and how we should probably use their method, which is very simple. n

They bomb – you bomb twice – they will bomb thrice..and that goes on. So these folks argue India should retaliate a la Israeli fashion. Nice. People conveniently forget 2 small facts.

1. Israel have been doing this for over 10 years now. Or even more. They cant buy a minute of peace with all this. Its a neverending viscious circle. Violence breeds more violence. And hatred leads to more hatred.

2. Israel is supported strongly and given a carte blanche by the US. All their excesses are condoned. Abetted. Even glorified on some occasions. US have been vetoing ALL resolutions against Israel in the UN Security Council for the past 50 years. One wonders who really has the veto power :). But thats another story for another day.

Retaliation is one of the most primitive of the human instincts. Not only human but instincts of all animals. But the people who are making these statements and writing this vituperative and vengeful things can be hardly termed primitive. These are well read and educated people. Makes me feel, what is all the education for if you are going to do what an uneducated and uncivilized person would do. What is the difference between you and the terrorists?

That said, I am not approving or condoning all the actions of the Indian govt in the aftermath of the various tragedies that happened in this country over the years. Disaster management is one area where we need a lot of improvement. Successive governments come and go, approach any tragedy with a certain level of amatuerism and ham-handedness and then move on.
What we need is an independent body who deal in disaster management and a long term investment in terms of resources and manpower that has the responsibility of prevent such acts of terror and react when something occurs. It has to be independent of the government to a certain degree to be effective and ensure that the lessons learnt from one tragedy are not lost when we face the same situation again.

And people, all of us need to be calm in moments like these. Any decision taken out of frustration or anger turns out to be the wrong decision invariably.

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