Ginger Court

The date was July 1st 2006, FIFA fever bit even the least cognizant of the mortals, me and one of my old IIT friend after spending close to an hour at Barista – the local coffee shoppe, decided to get into a restaurant and spend the rest of the evening watching the match between Portugal and England, and by some twist of destiny we ended landing ourselves in the “Ginger Court” in Madhapur, we found few of our acquaintances already buried deep in the sofa and cherishing the match, the experience was in part amusing and mostly thrilling to say the least, after spending close to 3 hours both me and Narendra decided never to see the place again! We got the manager to write an acknowledgement expressing explicitly the account of all that had happened during the night and took his signature and business card before we left the place at 11 with two tummies which were still half empty :(

Date: 01 July 2006

This is to bring to your light that today 1st of July 2006, two customers Mr. Sandeep and Mr. Narendra came to ginger court and asked for a big screen to watch the soccer phenomenon and have dinner with us. Today being a dry day we offered them a place in Elixir at the 2nd floor, without informing them that its a pub and that they’ll not be elligible for 10% corporate discount (which is otherwise applicable), also that the place would be noisy with a DJ on board and a disco light running besides the TV screen.

During the screening of the match the transmission was disrupted at numerous occassions. We served them the starters, and while the match was still on we started music / song at high volume and while they were mid-way with their food we started the disco lights in front of the TV screen. Finally when they expressed resentment and volunteered to leave the place owing to the quality of the service and the ambience, we presented them the bill with no corporate discounts, please note that we were serving the food in the pub, and its the same food which is serve in the Galaxy.

Ankur Goswami

This letter is to say the least about the pathetic state of customer service that exists around in the city the emergence of NGO such as International Consumer Rights Protection Council and the commendable work being put up people such as Mr Arun Saxena is making such omissions and negligence reach its ultimate conclusion, we should soon see a time in India when we feel good about the service we receive as a consumer.

Ginger court was charged of using the pub as a discoth̬que, poor customer service and negligence in service on multiple accounts, there intention was to use half of the room for screening the match and the rest for the couples dancing on the floor Рfully realizing that the interest were conflicting and would end up in a turmoil, all they cared about was their profit resulting fully in full dismay and uncomfort of the customers. Please be warned about such restaurants which exists in our city and be prepared to spend your money where you get the maximum bang for the buck!!


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