Good show at Hyderabad BarCamp2

BarCamps ( is a movement in many part sof the world to organize adhoc relatively unstructured, yet useful, technical conferences. The idea is that everyone attending must particpate. And anyone can share anything interesting/useful they may have about the conference theme. The event is planned and organized over the internet (we used a wiki page to coordinate), by volunteers. In all a very very geeky thing. With this camp Hyderabad becomes the first city in India to host two BarCamps in a row. All credit goes to participants of 1st edition and the participants who will come to share their thoughts at 2nd edition of the Camp on July 15th @ Microsoft Campus, Hyderabad.

As I stated on the BarCamp page, One area with endless possibilities and a great deal of local relevance in our country is Mobile. With mobile devices in more hands – literate & illeterate 80 million estimated – than any other form of communciation channel or information source, surely a lot is possible. Ranging from on-device solutions & games, to providing a simple access into enterprise intranet & solutions, to social/community network based solutions such as phone-chat and such, to many many more.

The BarCamp2 happened this past saturday. Very good response. With some prominent folks from IT industry in Bangalore and Hyderabad also attending. With the kickoff sessions from me (Ramesh Loganathan, Pramati) followed by sessions thru the day. Included, With sessions from me, Atul Chitnis, Farhan (Spokn), Sibjorg Vik (opera), Dr.Vishal (IIIT-H),Thyagarajan (Blogger/Consultant), Mohit (ICFAI), Damodar, Naresh (IIIT Research) and Pavitar Singh (Pramati). Topics ranged from why mobile devices, to exactly what is a mobiel app, to the opportunities in mobile space for India, to how wifi competes with 3G, and how mobiles can be used to control lighting, and if there was a Mobile 2.0 at all. In a break, Rajat even screened a video of a talk from Kawasaki. This was a big draw.

The schedule for the day was also very fluid. As can be seen from the schedule-board photo below.

Concluded with a panel discussion, led by Anuradha (CEO, Ocimum Bio), joined by JA Chaudary (TiE Hyderabad), Kiran (Silicon Valley Bank), Devender Surana (Surana industries) and Dr.Vishal Garg (IIIT faculty). This was a lively discussion with very active partipation from audience. Discussing whats coming in the way of more software enterprises (non services) from Hyderabad. Issues discussed included challenges in delivering mobile apps/software to the new models coming up involving solutions rather than software products.

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