The forbidden concept of Lane Driving

First Hyderabadis wanted bigger roads. Flyovers.

Ok, we have them. Wider roads. With wider roads come lanes. and with lanes comes the responsibility of respecting lanes. Follow some rules. Now that! we dont want to do. We still drive our vehicle like its a single lane road.

My blood boils when i see folks riding 2-wheelers on the delimiter line of the road. Neither its funny nor cool. Guys grow up. Its so common to see 4-wheelers run in the middle of 2 lanes effectively making 2 lanes into 1 lane.
Dont even get me started on the 3-wheelers. They are the scourge of hyderabadi roads. But thats another post for another day.
People please follow lanes. I missed an accident by this much a couple of nites ago when our cab driver tried to overtake a car driving in the middle of 2 lanes. Its really scary especially with cars in India getting faster by the day.

Note to Authorities: Some of the lanes are too narrow. And people wont be comfortable driving very close to another vehicle. And there dont seem to be any plan here. Sometimes it seems they want make seperate lanes for 2-wheelers. which is fine but there needs to be some consistency.

Message: Stick to your lanes folks. :). Drive Safely.

PS: I am looking to buy a used car. Please ping me if you are selling :)

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