Snake charmers, elephants, tigers and Indi!

This was around 5 years back, when I started my own business I made three statements, India can not progress until these 3 problems are understood and solved for ever:

  1. Communication cost and infrastructure
  2. Connectivity and road infrastrucutre
  3. Constitution – f’ed up state of law and order

BJP took this seriously and worked on fixing the first two, ambitious project like golden quadrilateral, efficient standardization by TRAI, the state of law and order in indi is pathetic and we yet have to see how it can be fixed given the density and scale of the problems on this land.

Here is another feather in the cap of our Government:

As everyone knows, BlogSpot, TypePad and Geocities are not available for most of us in Indi! it is blocked by a DoT directive, on the pretext of beefed up security measures after the Mumbai blasts.

But the ISPs are not supposed to block the entire subdomain and they are not able to give a proper reasoning at such a point!

DoT and ISPs are definitely violating our fundamental right to information!

Government of India has in its esteemed wisdom decided that the blogs published on the blogspot, typepad and other such sites are anti-national. They have blocked 12 sites. Apparently officials didn’t learn anything from the earlier ban on yahoo groups.

Now what can we do –

  1. Join Blogger Collective at
  2. Help in keeping the Wiki updated at
  3. Try to get main stream media to notice this issue. Till now MSM has covered this very minimally. We should try to raise awareness by writing letters (or more appropriately emailsJ) to the editors.
  4. Help in filing a PIL and a RTI application.
    Help blogger community in thinking about other ways to protest. Discuss these ideas at
  5. Register in the voter’s list and start using your voting/veto rights

Guys please air your opinion and contribute to this movement – the mass movement, mob can mobilize the government, if you don’t the inefficiency of the system will be mooted by directing them through such corrupt directives which are backed by illogic.

This thread is open for comments and feedbacks, let me know what you feel about this.

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