Its raining in Hyderabad

Incessant rains for the past couple of days(upto 130mm last night only in some places). Cold winds during the daytime. Sometimes I wonder if I am really in Hyderabad and not in the pacific north-west of US.

And we are still in July. I remember how it was last year this time. I just returned from abroad and its was muggy and hot for some weeks. There was water scarcity issues around the city.

It just feels so different. Drizzling for most of the day or threatening to rain. But I am not complaining :). Except for the fact that it takes a while for the clothes to dry :-S

Sounds wierd but if you are familiar with the general weather in India or Hyderabad, you will never need a dryer to dry the clothes. Its so sunny for the most part that one can hang his/her clothes dry in a few hours during the daytime. So its a common practice here of people buying just the Washing machine and no the dryer.

Of course there are exceptions and even the Washing machines are not very wide spread in India. But a big % of homes in urban India do have washing machines.

But these rains are really good for the farmers. Eventhough the Monsoons have officially arrived a month ago, there havent been many downpours in that period and the farmer folk around the region was getting worried. Though this would have pumped up their spirits a bit, I am not sure if we have enough facilities to store this water and not let it seep into the earth quickly.

Rain Rain! please keep our farmers happy :).

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