Cool drinks

Yesterday night when I was watching TV9, 9pm with Ravi Prakash, the topic of SMS was, “do we have to ban cool drinks in schools and colleges?” I kept watching the sms scroll line at the bottom of the screen. Amazingly, almost 95% of the people say “yes to ban, not only in schools, even in the state and in the country as well”. And, they say our health minister Rosaiah is trying to impose the ban in state.
But I believe, all these are emotional, argumentative Indians. And are general folks. And kind of people who simply go and vote. But, I believe banning is not correct. If you have to ban, you will have to ban everything, cigarettes, liquor, drugs and so many, including foreign investments in IT industries, coz it is monopolizing the entire life-style, and creating great economic divide in the whole country.
But, in this regard, government should create a market and let the market prevail for these drinks, market for comodities and services is where we get revenue. What government should do is, regulate these guys, conduct tests frequently in govt labs, and should see the drinks are what they really are to be. In case, govt finds illegal mixing of pesticides or whatever that put public health in risk, it should sue these companies heavily such that they should be afraid to do anything of this kind in future. It should stand as a lesson not only to these drinks companies, but to everybody connected to the public, providing goods and services.
If they (charge) collect 50/- for violating traffic rule, I can pay 50/- every day and keep on violating it. But if they punish me with 20000/- not only me, everybody who knows me will never do that wrong. I think, in US they do that, charging like $250 to $300, am I wrong? but whatever it should be like what said, I believe.
I know govt. has its own complications, but a good govt will never have complications in enforcing the law and exercising the righteous methods of rule.

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