culture of splitting open and spitting!

The story is when I decided to walk down to the local shoppe around 2-3 kilometers from my home in madhapur and I am known naive to be walking on the Indian roads as a pedestrian, I had hardly stepped on the black stripped road towards Jubilee hill, an auto rickshaw made a sudden right outward movement and the right side of the yellow-cockroach almost hit me on the left side of my body. I was amazed by his swiftness in the movement and dexterity at running away from the situation, this was one, there were yet others waiting on the road that I had taken.

The weather was awesome and I was crooning some old hindi number when the guy walking in front of me just turned back and almost spit in front of me, this is pretty much legal in India and I couldn’t do anything about it, except that I had to change my course to avoid stepping on his spit. All these were happening to me and the third one made me believe that the god over there in the blue sky was testing my patience, this guy on his motor bike slipped in the narrow gap between me in motion and the omni standing in front, and the guy on pillory split open his legs wide brandishing his right ominous leg in the air just managing not to brush my face and he got down, to back this up his lack of mannerism and audicity surprised me completely. I stared at him and coyly murmured @#@$%! and the the driver in the van just slam open the driver’s door on my face, may it was just my stars. I saved myself on numerous occassions, and I pray badly that the infrastructure of a city starts severely acconting for pedestrial lanes when they plan the road, there is no point of government trying to cut corners and make there citizen feel miserable.

– a commoners observation

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