Euphoria >> brought the roof down Saturday nite

What happens when you have sour throat and sing out loud and passionate in a concert?

More sore throat and a voice like that of the Governor of California. I fit the description to the T. Had a great time saturday nite. One of the better nites I had since i returned from US 6-7 months ago. Some bands are good on the disc and some are good live. I think Euphoria belong to the latter. They simply know how to do a concert and play to the audience.

venue >> hyderabad international convention center
event >> microsoft india 8th anniversary party
concert >> euphoria

O N E cool party.

amazing performance by one of my favorite indian bands, Euphoria. My familiarity with Euphoria goes pretty far into the past. I have seen them perform on our campus during our annual cultural festival, OASIS. They used to play a lot of 80s and 90s rock at that time, they moved on to make their own indi-pop albums later on.

After a bunch of neat performances from our co-workers, Euphoria took over around 9p. I was having dinner with a bunch of my friends and just loitering around the expansive convention center meeting up friends who I dont get to meet on a regular basis. It was a very well organized party for the most party and everyone was having a good time.

So then, Euphoria started with a prayer and some of their earlier songs. I was having dinner around that time and didnt pay much attention. Then I was in the long queue to get some desserts along with my friends when they started belting out one of their popular tunes “dhoom pichuk dhoom”.. And thats it. Forget the dessert. I am going in. Right into the middle. right in front of the stage. first row :). And I stayed there with a bunch of friends until the end.

They sang almost all of their songs and also a bunch of Bon Jovi/Bryan Adams/Pink Floyd(yes they sang “another brick on the wall”). The cool thing was the they switch between songs and tunes in the middle of a song just like how the DJs change tracks. Euphoria is a group with a lot of high octane vocals which makes them all the more appealing to me. Shouting at full throttle.

Around 2315 after abt 2hrs of non-stop rocking, the organizers came out saying this is it. The crowd would have none of it. Palash(lead-vocal) tried to explain. of no avail. Event managers came in and tried to explain no change. For about 2-3 minutes the crowd booed continuously.

Finally the organizers agreed for one more song. Palash was only too happy sing more. In the end they ended up performing a huge medley of all their songs and then some old hindi songs. One song became 30-40 minutes more of pure music and madness. It seemed a bit impromptu cos the drummer and lead-guitarist were unable to keep pace with Palash and his switching songs and tunes very quickly!

I enjoyed it thoroughly from start to finish. at around 2350 Euphoria ended their concert. It seemed like they could go on forever, but corporate rules and travel arrangements mean they had to stop before 0000. Amazing concert. In our last party we had Shankar Mahadevan, Sivamani (drums) and the girl who sang “Kajra re” but frankly no match to Euphoria (h).

Dhoom. Maaeri, Soneya, mehfuz and many more songs. Along with some hindi dance numbers etc.. one of the memorable nights I had in recent times.(apart from World Cup of course).

All this meant I woke up around 11 am today, had breakfast, slept again and then woke up around lunch. dinner and then will sleep again in a little while.

“Monday Morning Blues” will be an understatement for tomorrow :(.

I will add a few photos over the week

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  1. DesiGirl (unregistered) on August 28th, 2006 @ 9:41 pm

    Wow! Sounds like you had a super nite! I am so J – big time Euphoria fan but am yet to catch them live.
    Pls put the pix up soon so I can extend the vicarious pleasure.

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