Rains are back!

At the risk of becoming the weather reporter on this blog :P, the rains are back in Hyderabad. This week has been much cooler and more inline with the weather during this time of the year.
All the idols of Lord Ganesha have been immersed into the waterbodie in and around the city. One positive to emanating out of all this is the road blockades are gone. But roads have suffered some damage due to the holes dug to plant the support structures for the idols. This is an annual ritual and frankly i would prefer if they could leave the roads as is. As such our roads are overmatched to the amount of traffic that goes over them. It would be very difficult to enforce any kind of rule on religiou practices as it is sensitive and can get ugly in no time.

The rainy weather is due to the low-pressure area off the coast of AP in the Bay of Bengal. So that means only one thing. The next 2-3 days will be wet and rainy. Ill take this over hot sunny weather any day of the week (except the one where I hang my clothes to dry :)

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