Almost got hit – Thanks to Hyd drivers

Oh Yeah! I was so lucky last night.

8pm. Kukatpally, Hyderabad.
I was crossing a parallel road( the roads that go parallel to a bigger road or a highway). There was lot of traffic. I was keenly observing in the direction where the traffic is coming from and crossing the street carefully. Suddenly out of nowhere a car is coming in the opposite direction, I have no idea. He stops in front of me and starts honking.

If you have read some older posts in this blog or for that matter any Indian city blog, you would know that, Might is Right is the only rule that applies on roads here and Hyderabad is probably among the worst.

Firstly the car dude is violating traffic rules and its not like late night of low traffic hours, peak time friday night. I count myself really lucky. Usually I look at both sides of the road before crossing, as a general rule that will serve well for Indian roads. Somehow I didnt do that last night and almost paid the price for it.

I generally dont like to post about any issue multiple times but I had to get this out. Its just amazing.

And konw what is the worst part? If I tried to reason out to the driver of the car, he would have argued what was I doing in the middle of the for road? grrrr….(cross the road duh!!)

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  1. prakash rao (unregistered) on October 29th, 2006 @ 4:47 am


  2. sarita reddy (unregistered) on October 29th, 2006 @ 4:50 am

    Hyderabad: A lorry ran amok injuring ten persons, some seriously, at
    Toli Chowki on Monday afternoon.
    At around 2.30 pm, when vendors were busy putting up their road-
    side stalls at Toli Chowki crossroads for selling fruits for the
    evening iftar, a lorry ferrying scrap, which was coming from
    Gachibowli and on its way to Mehdipatnam, ran over pushcarts,
    autorickshaws and two-wheelers on the road. The lorry came to a halt
    nearly 400 metres away from the accident site.
    Several people had a narrow escape from the jaws of death due to
    the alarm that was raised by bystanders.
    The injured were rushed to Osmania Hospital and Nizam’s Institute
    of Medical Sciences (NIMS). The condition of two persons injured in
    the accident is reportedly critical, while the rest received severe
    The driver managed to flee from the scene, but an angry mob burnt
    the lorry’s tyres, broke its windshield and damaged several other
    vehicles too. Within no time hundreds of youth with Mim leaders
    gathered and blocked the road for about half-an-hour. Since the
    junction is on the busy National Highway 9, traffic came to a
    standstill for up to a distance of three km.
    Police then swung into action and dispersed the mob.
    Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi and Karwan Mla Afsar khan reached
    the spot on a two-wheeler and led the protest and traffic blockade.
    Local MIM workers forced shopkeepers in the area to down their
    shutters in protest against the incident.
    However, the protesting MiM workers were dispersed after
    Asaduddin Owaisi was convinced to call off the protest.Mr Owaisi
    speaking to mediapersons was angry at the traffic cops attitude for
    not regulating the traffic properly instead fining two wheel riders
    on one side of the road and added that trucks shouldnt have been
    allowed to run during peak times of traffic instead be allowed at
    night for shifting goods as already traffic is jammed due to ramadan
    shopping and street vendors selling fruits.
    There was mild tension in the area till late in the evening as
    rumours were doing the rounds that at least a dozen people died in
    the accident.
    The accident would have resulted in greater damage had it
    occurred after 4 pm. In the month of Ramzan, hawkers encroach upon
    most part of the road to sell their wares and men and women of the
    surrounding localities throng the place to buy groceries and fruits
    after 4 pm.

  3. prakash singh (unregistered) on October 31st, 2006 @ 7:44 am

    Bentley Makes it Debut in Hyderabad Car Market with an Exclusive

    Hyderabad: Wyclef Jean sang, `Life styles of the rich and famous.
    Some die with a name, some die nameless’. Well, it is these nameless
    rich that are grabbing the headlines for willing to spend Rs 2 crore
    on a car and that too to drive in Hyderabadi traffic! Yet these
    courageous crorepatis chose to remain anonymous issuing standing
    instructions to the car distributors not to disclose their names.
    The car is Bentley Continental Flying Spur, that is dubbed to be
    the fastest four door in the company’s history with horsepower to
    reach 60 miles per hour in 4.9 seconds.
    This car was unveiled in the city exclusively for a select
    gathering of 100 guests — mostly the high and mighty
    businessmen,Politicans — who have shown interest in the car, or own
    other such luxury cars.
    And so, in attendance at this special party held at the Novatel
    hotel in Hi-Tec City on Friday night were the bigwigs of Hyderabadi
    business circles — all the prominent Reddys and Rajus and a handful
    of movie stars.
    Spotted eying the car were Venkatram Reddy Owner of Deccan
    Chronicle Holdings who owns a Rolls Royce Phantom worth 2.5 Crores
    in Hyderabad ,Teja Raju, son of Ramalinga Raju of Satyam computers ,
    Mustafa Alam Khan from the Shah Alam Khan family who owns some of
    the best vintage cars and a Mercedes Benz C class in the city worth
    35 lakhs, businessmen brothers Prakash Jain and Gautam Jain of
    Stanza retail outlet,Akbaruddin Owaisi MiM Leader from Owaisi Family
    who owns a Volkswagen Touareg V10 SUV ,Jeep Wrangler and Mercedes
    Benz CLS 350 worth 2.5 crores, designer Dinaz Shenoy, and socialites
    like Lata Reddy, Gunny Raju who owns a Lamborghini Gallarado Black
    worth 2 crore in Hyderabad, Shanta John,Kishore Reddy who owns a BMW
    X5 worth 50 lakhs ,Vishnu Actor who owns a Porsche Cayenne SUV worth
    80 lakhs, Iqbal Patni and Raju Jain. Everyone from Srini Raju of TV9
    to actors Nagarjuna who owns a Meercedes Benz S Class and Porsche
    Cayenne SUV worth 2 crores , NTR Junior who owns a BMW X5 SUV worth
    55 lakhs, Pavan Kalyan and even Chiranjeevi were invited for the
    launch of the car in the city.
    It is also believed, that two richie rich from the city have
    already booked the car. Again Satya Bagla, the Indian partner of
    Bentley Motors, refused to disclose who they are all.
    “It is our policy. One cannot disclose customers names, unless
    one gets specific instructions to do so,” he said.
    At a cost of Rs 1.95 crore on road — subject to dollar rates —
    the Bentley is the second most expensive car in the country next to
    the Mercedes S Class which costs a whopping Rs 3 crore. Nonetheless,
    every year over a dozen buy this car in India.
    The only owner who has let the world know he owns a Bentley is
    Vijay Mallya whose Continental Flying Spur has been custom made for
    him in Kingfishers Red and White.

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