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A winter warm-up

An young man at a flower shop. He was searching for the perfect bunch of winter flowers. He was scratching his head and trying very hard to decide which bunch to pick.

A short while later the young man from the flower shop came into the restaurant with a bunch of flowers. He motioned to the waiter that he was expecting someone.

The young boy kept looking at his watch and glancing up at the door.

Most of the people in the restaurant finished their dinner and started to take coffee or ice creams.

The young man was twisting the edge of his paper menu. Rolling it back and forth, back and forth between his fingers. He continued glancing up at the door.

Almost an hour had been gone.

Suddenly his face break into a smile.

He shoved his chair back almost knocking it over and he rushed outside. There he was moving toward a beautiful girl in a pleasant attire.
They held each other for the longest time.

Their passionate embrace created embers inside the spectators all the way that might kept them warm all night.

And we dint know how much struggle she had faced to meet her lover on time, but we must be happy that his waiting came to an happy end!!


So I’m browsing in the bookstore when this guy comes up to me and says, “For a second there, I thought you were my friend’s brother.”

I look up at him and say, “What?”

“My friend’s brother. He’s got the spects and a jerkin like that.”

Dim memory beings to bubble up. I still remember my friends telling there’s a chap in Police department, who just looks like me.

“Oh,then your friend’s brother is an IPS officer?” I say.

“Nope,he works with HSBC…” he says.

“Oh..i see..” I say.Me thinking,”so there’s another look-alike!”

He continues to stand there. I look back at my book.

He says, “You look like him.”

I put the book down and say, “Nope. I’ve no brother or cousin in HSBC..Never even gone to that bank too.”

He looks at me.

“And in the near future i don’t wanna open an account there.”

He says, “Heeh.”

And continues to stand there.

It’s at this point that I notice he’s a bookstore employee.

Bloody hell

He is waiting for a friend outside Amrutha Castle. Repeatedly glacing at his wrist watch,repeatedly saying “shit”,repeatedly walking from here to there,he mumbles,”he’s always like that…time-wasting moron…where the bloody hell is he?..actually fault is mine…..”

At this moment a bike stops in front of him.

“Hello?”,a voice comes from the helmet.

“Yes?”,the man in waiting questions.

“Where is the ICICI bank here?”,asks him without removing his helmet.

“No bank here,but ICICI ATM booth is there near AG office..”,raises his hand that way while he’s answering.

“No..I need the bank only..”,helmet man inquires further.

“Then you’ve to check in Khairtabad.that’s near here..”,waiting man says impatiently.

“No.. I want the bank exactly here that’s opposite to Secretariat..”

“Then i’ve to construct it and give…”,waiting man barks at him loosing his control.

At this juncture a third man enters the scene and says,”Hello. ICICI bank is here only..I’ll show you..Come with me..”

And they both have gone.

But the waiting man in the stand-still position forgets about waiting temporarily and is wondering now..

Could anybody guess what’s wrong with the waiting man who happened to be in the same city for the past couple of years?

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