Bloody hell

He is waiting for a friend outside Amrutha Castle. Repeatedly glacing at his wrist watch,repeatedly saying “shit”,repeatedly walking from here to there,he mumbles,”he’s always like that…time-wasting moron…where the bloody hell is he?..actually fault is mine…..”

At this moment a bike stops in front of him.

“Hello?”,a voice comes from the helmet.

“Yes?”,the man in waiting questions.

“Where is the ICICI bank here?”,asks him without removing his helmet.

“No bank here,but ICICI ATM booth is there near AG office..”,raises his hand that way while he’s answering.

“No..I need the bank only..”,helmet man inquires further.

“Then you’ve to check in Khairtabad.that’s near here..”,waiting man says impatiently.

“No.. I want the bank exactly here that’s opposite to Secretariat..”

“Then i’ve to construct it and give…”,waiting man barks at him loosing his control.

At this juncture a third man enters the scene and says,”Hello. ICICI bank is here only..I’ll show you..Come with me..”

And they both have gone.

But the waiting man in the stand-still position forgets about waiting temporarily and is wondering now..

Could anybody guess what’s wrong with the waiting man who happened to be in the same city for the past couple of years?

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