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30 mins or free. Its Real :)

Hyngry Kya? 30 mins or free. It works.

Today I ordered Pizza from Domino’s Pizza from Madaphur. I placed Mexican Green Wave + Garlic Bread which comes with 2 cokes free to a total bill of 262/-. The time I ordered the Pizza was 7:39 PM and the Pizza was delivered at my door steps at 8:33 PM.

I wanted to check if the 30 mins or free works. So I told the person who delivered the pizza that I wont pay him as
its more than 45 mins. He did not even say a single word. He said “Yes Sir, Sure the Pizza is free for you” and then he walked off.

This is really cool. People will have to know that they take service very seriously. Customer satisifcation is getting improved in India. I m loving it.

Domino’s You are Simply Good. Thanks for the free Pizza :)

Haveli >> Another good restaurant

Phew! Am I the official Restaurant reporter of Hyderabad or what?

Haveli is right next to Kabura(read my previous post). The ambience is as good as Kabura if not better. My friend

tried a couple more dishes he never tasted before.

And he is impressed by the taste of indian food. Eventhough I felt the food in Kabura was slightly better than that in Haveli, but thats just me. And if you can get a table near in a corner, you can just spend hours and none will bother you. I really appreciate when the attendants in the restaurant understand that people dont like to be bothered much.

We ordered some appetizers and then some food, both served warm and in reasonable wait time. We spent almost 2.5 hours over food. I got reminded of the days in university when a bunch of us used to by a drink or something pretty trivial and spend the entire evening at the restaurant without being disturbed.
Wish more restaurants are like that.
I recommend this place if you want to just spend a lot of time over good food and not be bothered.

Ginger Court

The date was July 1st 2006, FIFA fever bit even the least cognizant of the mortals, me and one of my old IIT friend after spending close to an hour at Barista – the local coffee shoppe, decided to get into a restaurant and spend the rest of the evening watching the match between Portugal and England, and by some twist of destiny we ended landing ourselves in the “Ginger Court” in Madhapur, we found few of our acquaintances already buried deep in the sofa and cherishing the match, the experience was in part amusing and mostly thrilling to say the least, after spending close to 3 hours both me and Narendra decided never to see the place again! We got the manager to write an acknowledgement expressing explicitly the account of all that had happened during the night and took his signature and business card before we left the place at 11 with two tummies which were still half empty :(

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