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Iran to help restore Hyderabad’s architectural treasures

In what will be the biggest Indo-Iranian collaboration so far, the two countries are all set to come together on a project to renovate Hyderabad’s 400-year-old Qutub Shahi tombs.

Once the pride of Hyderabad, a mirror of the architectural brilliance built during the Qutub Shahi dynasty, the tombs have now fallen prey to years of poor maintenance. In a bid to save the city’s most famous monuments after the Charminar, Iran has collaborated with India to help give these 400-year-old monuments a much-needed facelift.

Rain rain go away..take away the road along your way

Last few week rains have ruined the roads. Its not a surprise. Just thought to write this one up.

GOVT : Hey our fellow subjects are suffering without roads. Lets work on the roads and we will give them a better life.
Officers(Devil) : Ok

The work starts. Loads of stones tar and other things goes back and forth.
Road Worker 1: Its so sunny. I m so tired.
Road Worker 2: Yeah. The heat is too terrible. No rains this year then we will be in so much trouble.
Road workder1: Don’t worry the rain god will help us and we will have good rain in the city. All our troubles will go away.
Road worker 2: I wish I could make a wish to the rain god.
(these kinds of talks between the workers till they completed road. GOVT came and opened the road for public. Public are happy)
Supervisor: Enough talking. Get back to work. The roads are dirty clean it.

Cleaner 1: Cleaning the road. Oh god…its so much of heat. Why cant it rain. Rain god show us some mercy.
Boom Boom !! Rain god appears.
Rain God: Dear, I have heard you. I will grant you a boon. What’s your wish.
Clearer 1: I wish you could rain when I work and clean the road for me
Rain God: Wish granted: Boom. He disappears.

Next day it rains so heavy.
Workers and Cleaners are very very happy. Because the rain god showed mercy on them. It rained. It cleaned the road.

GOVT: Where is the road by which I came yesterday?
SUPERVISOR: The road has been washed away by the rain sir.

People : Getting mad. Roads gone. Only patches are left. Traces of stones used for road constructions here and there. Back to square one. Need repair/roads.

Story in a nut shell. The roads they construct come only for a few months.

BPL and rags

What is BPL – yeah right it stands for the one below powerty line, and mind you thats not the misspelling, 60-70% of the Indian population are below the poverty line and its disheartening to see that they constitute the majority and are resposnsible for choosing the Indian government and beaurocracy, and the Indian politicians know how to use this weakling to their advantage by luring them with the rags and morsels of food.

Who is gonna pull India out? I call this population the one with the real POWER, but until they are opressed and ignored they can’t really come out of this situation, getting worser year by year and genaration by generation they’ll get deeper into it, richer gets richer and poor gets poorer, there is no incentive for any one to be living in villages and feel great about it.

And if you want to know why this quite calm guy is so hell bent on the cause of poverty, politics and power, I noticed something today which I will not be able to forget for the rest of my life.


Act I, Scene I, light camera action!

Two kids and an adult in rags and a badly disheveled appearance cross the road at Madhapur dominoe’s crossing.

Act I, Scene II light camera action!

I stare at them and shrug my shoulder, snubbed and moved ahead!

Act I, Scene III light camera action!

And I see all three of them clinging onto the local dumpster and fighting for something, I assumed it be some piece of plastic they were tracking inside, but then I realized the adult succeeded and he was out of the cycle with a smile of contentment and he was religiously trying to bite onto the ingot of rice and then trying to chew it hard! he was contented, and the poor dogs were salivating and staring greedly at his prized possession..

Act I Scene IV, flashback

OMG, I just left a slice of pizza back at the piza hut only to be thrown in the bin, never realizing the fate it would meet. Call this the act of god, the result of his karma, or the callousness of modern day man, the world is going to dogs.

Man if this continues to be the state of poverty – and if they were to decide the fate of the nation by choosing the leader of the democracy, they’ll always struggle for the basic amenities such as, food, water, cloth, shelter and education.

Poltical parties seem to be following the dictum of divide and rule, our own cabinet members just ended up tabling a proposal for 49.5% reservation in school colleges and government jobs. Some time me thinks why it shouldn’t be based on poverty level or the remoteness of their domicile or number of siblings, etc. atleast it would end up enforcing some self discipline in an otherwise such an indisciplined nation. Come on dudes be innovative it pays to be there, u represent us..

culture of splitting open and spitting!

The story is when I decided to walk down to the local shoppe around 2-3 kilometers from my home in madhapur and I am known naive to be walking on the Indian roads as a pedestrian, I had hardly stepped on the black stripped road towards Jubilee hill, an auto rickshaw made a sudden right outward movement and the right side of the yellow-cockroach almost hit me on the left side of my body. I was amazed by his swiftness in the movement and dexterity at running away from the situation, this was one, there were yet others waiting on the road that I had taken.

The weather was awesome and I was crooning some old hindi number when the guy walking in front of me just turned back and almost spit in front of me, this is pretty much legal in India and I couldn’t do anything about it, except that I had to change my course to avoid stepping on his spit. All these were happening to me and the third one made me believe that the god over there in the blue sky was testing my patience, this guy on his motor bike slipped in the narrow gap between me in motion and the omni standing in front, and the guy on pillory split open his legs wide brandishing his right ominous leg in the air just managing not to brush my face and he got down, to back this up his lack of mannerism and audicity surprised me completely. I stared at him and coyly murmured @#@$%! and the the driver in the van just slam open the driver’s door on my face, may it was just my stars. I saved myself on numerous occassions, and I pray badly that the infrastructure of a city starts severely acconting for pedestrial lanes when they plan the road, there is no point of government trying to cut corners and make there citizen feel miserable.

– a commoners observation

Dangling cable wires

For a change today I drove by two wheeler. The city is too bad with rain water filling up a lot of pot holes on the road. Its difficult for the two wheelers to drive when its drizzling. Well all these are well known facts for the people who are driving in the city.

How about hanging cables, electric wires. Don’t we need to be a good citizen? Whom to blame.

Just missed an accident today morning when my fellow two-wheeler in front of me got tangled his head in a low hanging cable wire. To my shock he was still driving and lifted it up and pushed it back which came and hit my neck. Lucky me and the other person coz its just a cable wire. Imagine if its a live electrical cable. Won’t we ever bother about people in our city? Whom to blame for this? Its so ridiculous to be silent about these things when your or your fellow country mate is in danger. But as we all have a mind set what will they do if I raise my voice? Who is there to care if I complain?

Chicken guniya

Last couple of week heavy rains have left the city with lots of ponds and pot holes. I beleive AP is on the the major affected place with chicken guniya. Are there any actions from the government to reduce the hit rate of the disease in the city. I know they spray some white gas stuff, but I m not sure if it will kill the mosquitoe, but surely if you stand there for 5 mins you will be suffacated.

The nuisance of the stray bitches!

“Where on earth have you been?”
“I have been visiting hospitals :(”

“Why? did you fall in love with doctor Jaspreet there?”
“No, I had a bad accident!”

“Why / how on earth did that happen?”

“All cause of that stupid bitch, me and Rishi were cruising down to the office, completely overawed by the amount of work we had at our disposal we decided to bike down to the office at 7’o clock in the morning, Rishi was riding the pillion and I was at the wheel, we had crossed the Kothaguda junction and had just begun to race, when this cute bitch in her mid years seemed to cross the road beautifully tick-tocking her bottom, she seemed to have picked a fight with a set of dogs (the bad guys) on the other side of the road, she turned back to witness them closely for the last time and came back straight on the road, with an elan!

Bitch tossed us both in the air :(, we were flicked by her back, and were afloat in the air for a bit, landed back on the road, toppled upside down, skid the road for 50 meters, I hit the road with my shoulder blade, my reflex was fast, and I thought I would black out, the impact was high but the helmet saved me from the worst! I couldn’t get up and people feared the worst, I couldn’t figure out anything for a moment, then I asked Rishi if he was OK, people rushed in from all corner, someone offered water, and after moving all the nooks and corners of my body and ascertaining that I was OK, I decided to get up, the shirt was torn completely, came to the side of the road called the corporate ambulance and went down to see the doctor, she administered a 10 INR tetanus shot at the cost of 850 INR, I didn’t feel all that great because my ribs had squeezed completely, and I was having problems breathing and speaking, but thank god there was no fracture and there was no shoulder dislocation, for god’s sake “DO WEAR YOUR HELMETS” when you ride a 2 wheeler. I was saved I went onto work and took 2 days off subsequently it helped my ribs inflate back to normal.

Miraculously – nothing happened to that bitch is what people told me, I had left the bike at a local garage, as I said earlier – people in hyderabad are extra nice :), Rishi was safe, nothing happened to my bike – destiny had it for me in the books and I escaped it with minimal impact, thank god I am here to write this piece of blog.

Statistically 70% of the road accidents happen because of the stray animals and in most of the cases the trauma is on the the beasts and they succumb to their injuries, can they not make helmets mandatory for the stray creatures strolling so seamlessly on the roads? Atleast if not us, let them be safe! Hopeless administration / municipal corporation can do nothing about it – I hope they can become capable of doing something better in next 100 years. I know I am not talking symbiosis here, but thats not how its supposed to be.

Feel Good and Secure

I frequently visit Bangalore by train. The train timing of Bangalore express changed which now comes to Hyderabad Kacheguda station at 5:15 AM, previously it was 6:30 AM.

I felt quite happy that the traffic police was still taking the names of the passengers and their destination along with the auto number. It was quite impressive by their duty as they were up and working for the public early in the morning.

Hyderabad ensures saftey for people. Good Stuff.

Snake charmers, elephants, tigers and Indi!

This was around 5 years back, when I started my own business I made three statements, India can not progress until these 3 problems are understood and solved for ever:

  1. Communication cost and infrastructure
  2. Connectivity and road infrastrucutre
  3. Constitution – f’ed up state of law and order

BJP took this seriously and worked on fixing the first two, ambitious project like golden quadrilateral, efficient standardization by TRAI, the state of law and order in indi is pathetic and we yet have to see how it can be fixed given the density and scale of the problems on this land.

Here is another feather in the cap of our Government:

As everyone knows, BlogSpot, TypePad and Geocities are not available for most of us in Indi! it is blocked by a DoT directive, on the pretext of beefed up security measures after the Mumbai blasts.

But the ISPs are not supposed to block the entire subdomain and they are not able to give a proper reasoning at such a point!

DoT and ISPs are definitely violating our fundamental right to information!

Government of India has in its esteemed wisdom decided that the blogs published on the blogspot, typepad and other such sites are anti-national. They have blocked 12 sites. Apparently officials didn’t learn anything from the earlier ban on yahoo groups.

Now what can we do –

  1. Join Blogger Collective at
  2. Help in keeping the Wiki updated at
  3. Try to get main stream media to notice this issue. Till now MSM has covered this very minimally. We should try to raise awareness by writing letters (or more appropriately emailsJ) to the editors.
  4. Help in filing a PIL and a RTI application.
    Help blogger community in thinking about other ways to protest. Discuss these ideas at
  5. Register in the voter’s list and start using your voting/veto rights

Guys please air your opinion and contribute to this movement – the mass movement, mob can mobilize the government, if you don’t the inefficiency of the system will be mooted by directing them through such corrupt directives which are backed by illogic.

This thread is open for comments and feedbacks, let me know what you feel about this.

Dugged up roads..never ending

After the National congress meeting held in Hyderabad near Gachibowli, I think the government has forgot about the hi-tech city area. The roads were developed at a great speed before the meeting and it was smooth. Now after this summer rains when the monsoon begins the roads starts to tear. And nobody cares to set it right.

If they lay the road the very second day or so the Reliance or BSNL or Airtel or some or the other dug it up for their cables underground. Is there a better way the government can take to solve this by proper planning?

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