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Hyderabad in Mourning?

Date-May 18th
year- 2007
Importance?Black Friday

Killed – 5 or more
Injured – more then 20…
Why? – Is the question we Hyderabadi’s are asking?

It was a normal Friday; everyone was busy with summer siesta, laid back afternoon. The men got together at the scared Mecca Masjid to offer prayers to the almighty above. The serene surrounding was disturbed by one loud explosion. It took 6 lives or more. It took the security away. A bomb exploded on that very minute. Two live bombs were recovered and defused from the spot.

Is this what you want? Who ever it is please try not to kill humans. You are not God, you did not create them and even if you did. You do not have the right to take lives. You do not have rights to leave Hyderabad in mourning.

Our city is on high alert. Our life has become stand still. We are not afraid of whoever you are…

My appeal to the people who read this blog. “Please support Hyderabad in this crisis situation. Please share this mssg to one and all”. “Peace cannot be disturbed by a group of people who think” picking up a bomb and dropping it, like a ball”.

Our belief in humanity cannot be changed.

Tell me what would that kid whose father was killed think? What would his family be going through? What is the guarantee that the same kid will not be an anti-people person?

As I am writing this the death toll reached to 12…….

hyderabad – a tale of recent time

This story dates back to the time of the year 2000, when i was graduating from IIT Bombay and I was the budding billionaire in the petri dish of the incubation center, business got serious during studies and we were looking for quality software engineers to help us hone our ideas and proto type and raise the second round of funding, we published the ad in the news paper, and we had the interview organized in Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi.

Candidates were supposed to relocate to Mumbai! We started interviewing, after scouring through hundreds of resumes and arduous rounds of interviews we created our team and we had 20 in the end, 15 out of them were from hyderabad! Believe me they were fun guys to hang around with, least of qualms, extremely hard working most of them came from village background but had realized through shear brush with luck that IT was going to happen in a big way! Every one of them had a vision to excel! I was thoroughly impressed! One of them said that in Hyderabad if you touch a passing stranger his expression of exclaimation would unsurprising be ‘Oh Java!’

I was in Hyderabad for the first time during 2002, drove down from Mumbai to Hyderabad a stretch of around 750 kilometeres on the 15th of August! Our vehichle was scorpio, one of the very interesting visible statistics we came across was the death of 1 tamed animal every 50 kilometers – we calculated this with out naked eyes and the dried relics stuck onto the road served as the ample testimony to the fact.

You can witness the travelogue here, the city looked promising we reached early in the morning and the roads were being scoured cleaned and they were wide, the people had bad sense of traffic and the natives seemed cute and honest in almost all their dealings. One thing I should mention here that hyderabadis/gultus (natives of Andhras) are by far the most honest and the hard working people I’ve come across in my little life, they’re not shrewed and don’t know cut throat business, and except few you’ll fall in love with almost all of them.

We spend our day in the Madhapur, HITEC city and Golconda! compressed all the fun in one single day, construction was at its full pace, seemed city was brewing up, madhapur was immense and vast and seemed maidenm, just ready for conception.

I was impressed but my allegiance laid with my business in Mumbai, though the place was stary and warm and I had my brother to be with I headed back to Mumbai! Never thinking that I would be back here again sometime soon. But one thing was clear reality was at its boom, the concrete jungle was building up, and there seemed a hidden brain behind the concatenation of events that existed. I followed the city closely and I become one ardent fan of CBN – Chandra Babu Naidu, maestro Chief Minister of the state with a laptop, the modern day leader.

I heard the masses didn’t take him positive due to controversy between Telangana and Andhra and his total concentration on Hyderabad at the cost of other cities and his major focus on e-governance and clean public policies ended up hurting the bad guys. Days of CBN soon were over but his precedent till date remains unparalleled and how I wish that he comes back to power again.

Any how I stepped in hyderabad on May 6 2005 once again! This time I bid farewell to Mumbai for good and was relocating here to Hyderabad, experience was positive I immediately felt a sense of calmness dawning over my head! Mumbai was so fast that I never had time to appreciate the beauty of the dame crossing the roads! I spent initial days in Ohri’s and then got used to the place – my looks often ends up revealing that I am an alien and my hindi also proves that I am not an ascendant of a nizaam but that of a nawaab! Who cares I am enjoying the place the place is still puffing up and I think I am here to stay! :)

Mindless wars and hapless victims

Not time to see who did right or wrong. Lets all support and help the innocent victims of this mindless massacre.
This is a site being organized by my lebanese friend and some others.

I pray this ends soon. Armed conflict never was/is/will be a lasting solution.

Have a round around Hussien Sagar!

Hussain Sagar bridges not only culturally disparate Hyderabad and Secunderabad, known as twin cities all over the country, but constitutes a continuum between history and contemporainty. It was a quiet and placid lake of 24 kilometres built by Hazrat Husain Shah Wali on a tributary of the Musi during the time of that great builder Ibrahim Quli Qutb Shah in 1562 to meet the water and irrigation needs of the city. This was much before the historic Charminar overshadowed every other landmark in the city. It is now popularly known as Tank Bund, a truncated version of its original expanse, and has acquired trappings and environs that enhance its appeal to tourists as well as the denizens of the twin cities.

Let’s take a quick round along the road around Hussein Sagar!!

A busy road on Tank bund

The statue of Buddha.


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