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Saree Mela in Shilparamam

Saree. You name it you get it. There is a huge saree mela up and going in Shilparamam near Hi-Tech city. Key thing to do in the mela, bargain. I went there and got a silk saree(cotton silk saree) the price tag on the saree was Rs.1200 and he said Rs.950 and in the end I paid him Rs.750. So bargain. Its fun and the material is really good. you can trust on that.

Chiranjeevi Blood Bank!

“Chalo ek wallet khareed the..(“Let’s go buy a wallet..)..And u know any nice leather stores here?”

“yeah..i know’s near Chiranjeevi Blood Bank,Punjagutta.i’ve gone there two yrs back..we’ll go n find it..”


They searched around Panjagutta Circle,but dint find the place.During the search project they inquired one cigarette shop owner..he said Chiranjeevi Blood Bank was there in the left galli(street)..but it was shifted to Jubillee Hills,a couple of months ago.


“Oh…shit..then let’s go Jubille Hills…”

“Okay..then…and hey..wait a minute..we’re not here to find Chiranjeevi Blood Bank..And it doesn’t mean the leather stores’s too shifted..let’s move to dis left galli…”

Quality vs Population

Hyderabad…Hyderabad…Hyderabad…The city has seen a growth rate that looks very surprising for many people/ industrialists/ real estates/ software etc etc. Its is always good to see the city develop at this rapid phase. I have this inner feeling that the day Hyderabad to become cosmopolitan is not very far because of this growth.

But is the lifestyle the same. Are we getting what the city was getting before? In my last 2 years of analysis the quality of the products has degraded quite considerably. That’s mainly on food and any local products you get from AP.

The lifestyles of the people are also changing. I m *NOT* here to blame the people. Its good see that we are trying to live a different life. But because of the change in life style, the business people are exploiting us.

People do business to make money. But when the business grows up profitable to a great extent are they delivering the quality in their work? Is this because of the increase in the populate in the city or because the business persons want to make more money with less efforts?

Blog Statistics in Inda

I happened to see these Blog Statistics of Indian Cities accidentally, I thought, only hyderabad metroblogging was struggling to get authors and posts, but the fact that entire city is suffering a dearth of active bloggers disappoints me a bit. I personally love reading books, both english and telugu literature. Though I am software side guy, some people ascribe us with the term ‘Nerd’, I dont want to miss out the beauty of the languages, strength and poignancy of human expression. Unfortunately, I could never see a friend or coleague, who at least read some much talked about books or so. They just read academic books and all. I dont know what to say. But I can clearly say, youth in hyderabad are not much expressive about their ideas or ideals. Or they want to pen it down if and only if that is an excellent one ? Give me a break, stupidity is also a form of joy :) . Did you happen to watch that ad, “Fair and Handsome”, the lame ad, you would have felt crumbling in disgust. How could you have known that if they didnt show you? :)) Common guys, become bloggers, unite and some day we will become a useful community to serve, may be a greater cause, or at least to cheer up people that visit, and let them feel proud being Hyderabadis for having such nice bloggers to quote.

On the road

What will you do if a man appears from ‘nowhere’ in front of your vehicle, casually trying to cross the road, oblivious of the traffic around him? Probably you have to brake suddenly, your vehicle can be skidded and there can be a chance to be hit by a car following you.. Is this all due to Jay-walking? Jay-walking may not be a common word in Hyderabad.But, on the city roads, people suddenly appearing in the middle of the road, is quite commonplace.
Zebra crossings are redundant and with no law enacted yet by the state government to tackle the problem, policemen can say the situation is ‘hopeless’ and they can do little beyond telling the people. And I have never seen any traffic policeman ask pedestrians to use the zebra crossing. Without any fear of being fined or reprimanded, people are getting callous…Traffic policemen can confess it’s a tough job stopping people. It is not just the rustic folk who break laws. Even the elite take things so callously.
Sometimes people who are generally careful tend to get careless..It could be…they are late for work,a date…various reasons!But I believe in “better safe than sorry”.So I just go on waiting and waiting…Lolz
But then that reminds me “ships are safe in the harbour…but thats not what ships are meant for!” On similar lines…”people are safe on one side of the road…but thats not what people are meant for…they are born to cross roads?!”

Leftist traffic in hyderabad

Its not a new thing to say it again. God knows when people in these Indian cities (particularly Hyderabad) know, actually follow and implement, the traffic rules and traffic sense. Everywhere, from gallies(streets) to main roads, they cant help themself forming parallel lines on. Its so disgusting. Did you notice, wherever, you have to take a left side road, at a junction, you will have to rely on the mercy of main line’s green signal, because, everybody move left-wards until they block that side of the traffic. So annoying. It includes, city buses, four wheelers and two wheelers. Nobody is good at keeping this thing right.
And finally, if one reaches the destination doing all that bad-driving, he/she has nothing so important that demands them to be like that on the road, at least I can say 90% of them have no so important things that might affect if they were a little late say, 30 minutes or so.
Nobody cares about this thing. Fortunately Hyderabad have wide roads if you compare with the rest of the cities, and we still muddle with the traffic problems, because of this attitude problem. I want to see a nice people queued up for the signal rather than messing it up on the road, and getting everybody including himself frustrated.


XYZ circle.On a cold rainy night, at 11:00pm. The wind was whistling all its charms..There was not a soul on the road when he was trying to set right the umberilla with one hand and a briefcase with another and began walking in the Benz center.It was one of those nights when anyone with any sense at all should have been home in a warm bed with a hot drink, a fluffy blanket or something good like that. But unfortunately, he had to be there. “Shit like this happens..”,he felt. And the rain didn’t allow him to walk further.Found a shade and began to wait for an auto or something.

After a fifteen minutes dreadful wait,he saw an auto coming down.Topped a rise..It prepared to slow down for him.

“Kidhar?” (Where to go?)

“Railway station”

“Bees rupayya hoga..Doge? Nahin to…” (20 bucks..otherwise,i won’t..),said with demanding voice..

“Theek hai bhai saab..Chalo tho..”(It’s ok man..let’s go..),got into the auto with no choice.


Three days later..Normal clear blue sky,in the morning.No sign of rains. He came out of the Railway station and sat in a metered auto.

“Kidhar?” (Where to go?)

“XYZ Circle..”


“Roko..roko..” (Stop..stop..) “Kitna hua?” (Howmuch?)

“Aap hi dekhlo….”(You can look at the meter…)

Meter showed Rs.31/-…

Puzzled him, gave the fare,while thinking,”i should have taken that night-auto driver’s(messiah’s) mobile number…”

School Bus drivers do they obey traffic rules

At least I can tolerate people driving on the wrong side of the road (I don’t encourage completely for this but cant help it especially in Hyderabad). But to my surprise when I saw a school bus carrying kids after their school getting them back to their homes was driving on the wrong side of the road.

I don’t understand that’s the instruction the school authorities or the travel coordinator gives to the driver. But definitely these drivers should be punished as they not only get the lives of the young kids at risk but also they teach the kids that it is possible to drive in the wrong side of the road in their young age.

I did not see a information “These drivers are trained to drive the school bus” or a similar message that I see in OakRidge school.

I called up the school and complained. But as usual the response, we will see to the issue sir. Thank you for the response. Is there a remedy for this?

MG Road for Hyderabad

I always been wondering that there is not a equivalent place like MG road or Brigade road of Bangalore. But I believe this trend is changing in Hyderabad. Looking at the development that is happening on the Road near KVB Reddy park, the size of building give me an idea that its going to be commercial.

Once these buildings are commercial and other small chota mota shops will start and form an echo system and I see down the line may be 1 or 2 years this will become like MG road for Hyderabad for youngsters to have a great time

Excuse me

I was walking in the parking lot of a big commercial complex,Hyderabad..Saw a man sitting relaxedly on a Hero Honda bike with his one leg stretched on the seat and the other on the front wheel.He was immersed in talking over a mobile phone..
I approached him and said,”Excuse me! Howmuch mileage does this bike give?”
He got somewhat disturbed,changed his sitting position and stood up, answering me, “Errrr…I don’t own dis bike….”
I smiled at him,reached my bike keys from my jerkin and put the key in the ignition slot of my bike,saying,”It’s problem,dude…”

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