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Learning from a beggar!

I was on my way to office and I pedaled the vehicle to a screeching halt, the cross road without any surprises was adorned by strange looking creatures, men, women, kids and eunuchs – the kind whom you would encounter only in sci-fi special effect movies, that too not without a made up visage. There I was witnessing a quadriplegic today, slowly cringing from under the tyres and spreading his face thin demanding something that was rightfully his. I pitied him in my minds of minds and played myself to got determined and help him out before the signal turns green and pounds me back into the inching vehicle chain. I grabbed a five rupee coin from a corner in my pocket and dropped it in his tin, the unexpected happened thereafter.
I noticed a smirk of joy that beamed across his face in the inimitable moment of silence that existed between me and him, I didn’t know how to react and face him eye to eye. The Auto-rickshaw besides was playing Himesh Reshmiyya on full volume and I saw Abdullah breaking into a quick staccato with fine movements, jigging his shoulders left to right and nibbling his lips enthusiastically, the moment was priceless and just left me wondering, on the glory of god and the beauty of human life, if these people have their moments of glory and accomplishments and if they can find a reason to be happy in the situation that they are in, maybe I should grow over my boundaries and find reasons to be happy in small little things that exists around me.
Think about it!


Pictures of Janmasthtmi celebration at ISKCON Secunderabad (the twin city of hyderbad)

Radha Krsna

Abhishek ceremony

Harinam Kirtan

Bathing ceremony

Bathing and shankh


Radha Krishna Yatra

People all ecstatic

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