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A winter warm-up

An young man at a flower shop. He was searching for the perfect bunch of winter flowers. He was scratching his head and trying very hard to decide which bunch to pick.

A short while later the young man from the flower shop came into the restaurant with a bunch of flowers. He motioned to the waiter that he was expecting someone.

The young boy kept looking at his watch and glancing up at the door.

Most of the people in the restaurant finished their dinner and started to take coffee or ice creams.

The young man was twisting the edge of his paper menu. Rolling it back and forth, back and forth between his fingers. He continued glancing up at the door.

Almost an hour had been gone.

Suddenly his face break into a smile.

He shoved his chair back almost knocking it over and he rushed outside. There he was moving toward a beautiful girl in a pleasant attire.
They held each other for the longest time.

Their passionate embrace created embers inside the spectators all the way that might kept them warm all night.

And we dint know how much struggle she had faced to meet her lover on time, but we must be happy that his waiting came to an happy end!!


So I’m browsing in the bookstore when this guy comes up to me and says, “For a second there, I thought you were my friend’s brother.”

I look up at him and say, “What?”

“My friend’s brother. He’s got the spects and a jerkin like that.”

Dim memory beings to bubble up. I still remember my friends telling there’s a chap in Police department, who just looks like me.

“Oh,then your friend’s brother is an IPS officer?” I say.

“Nope,he works with HSBC…” he says.

“Oh..i see..” I say.Me thinking,”so there’s another look-alike!”

He continues to stand there. I look back at my book.

He says, “You look like him.”

I put the book down and say, “Nope. I’ve no brother or cousin in HSBC..Never even gone to that bank too.”

He looks at me.

“And in the near future i don’t wanna open an account there.”

He says, “Heeh.”

And continues to stand there.

It’s at this point that I notice he’s a bookstore employee.

Burglary at home

Sadly that is true. And I lost my prized possession, a Mexican guitar.

There was burglary at home on thursday. It happened when I was at the office. It happened in strange circumstances and peculiar way. The investigation is going on. Some money and my mexican guitar have been stolen. It seems to be an inside job from one of the servants we employed to clean the place.

Casino Royale

Casino Royale err in Telugu the local language of Hyderabad and the state of Andhra Pradesh!

Now that is funny :). Of course this is not new in India. The big ticket hollywood films have been dubbed into the 4-5 indian languages. But Casino Royale seems to be the biggest release as far as the # of prints and it is being released simultaneously in multiple languages coinciding with the world release.

I am not a fan of dubbed movies. But if you watch the original version in English you can be driven to insanity if you watch the dubbed version of the movie. Especially they way the translate swear words and double entendres. But you should never watch it before watching the original version.

I plan to watch the English version this week and then the telugu version in a local theater very near where I live in the coming weekend.

Hyderabad Weather update

It is getting colder gradually. The days are getting shorter.

its Cold in Hyderabad

Yes it is. Winter seems to have finally arrived here. The past week or so has been cold and chilly with a lot of light rain sprinkling intermittently.
Cloudy, as it has been over the same period of time, it gets dark by 530pm. Which is kind of early. But it is fun weather to play Football or cricket. Not much perspiration as there is not much heat or humidity. Let the chilly and cold days continue :).

Almost got hit – Thanks to Hyd drivers

Oh Yeah! I was so lucky last night.

8pm. Kukatpally, Hyderabad.
I was crossing a parallel road( the roads that go parallel to a bigger road or a highway). There was lot of traffic. I was keenly observing in the direction where the traffic is coming from and crossing the street carefully. Suddenly out of nowhere a car is coming in the opposite direction, I have no idea. He stops in front of me and starts honking.

If you have read some older posts in this blog or for that matter any Indian city blog, you would know that, Might is Right is the only rule that applies on roads here and Hyderabad is probably among the worst.

Firstly the car dude is violating traffic rules and its not like late night of low traffic hours, peak time friday night. I count myself really lucky. Usually I look at both sides of the road before crossing, as a general rule that will serve well for Indian roads. Somehow I didnt do that last night and almost paid the price for it.

I generally dont like to post about any issue multiple times but I had to get this out. Its just amazing.

And konw what is the worst part? If I tried to reason out to the driver of the car, he would have argued what was I doing in the middle of the for road? grrrr….(cross the road duh!!)

Cricket Fever

Grips the city of Hyderabad and the whole of India in general.

Especially last night when India was involved in a keen contest against West Indies. The game went to the wire and West Indies prevailed, barely. I was riding a taxi around 10pm last night and I could see people glued to the TV sets everywhere in the streets.
Most of the shopkeepers install atleast a small TV during the cricket season. The passerbys and the pedestrians and some folks even park their cars to catch a glimpse of the action.
There is a another big match for india on Sunday. India has to beat Australia to advance into the semi-finals. I am sure most of the Hyderabadis and Indians will be watching that game keenly and willing India to win. Australia is a very well drilled side and India has its task cut-out for the sunday.

welcome GRAZ

To the metroblogging family as the 50th City.

This is what I know about Graz.

1. Beautiful City, seen pictures.
2. The speak German over there. I learnt this in my german class :) and the sublte nuances and differences in the accents of German spoken in Germany and Austria.
3. The ONE and ONLY *Arnold Schwarzenegger Stadium* in the world is in Graz. Its the ground where one of the cities local clubs play their T-Moblie Budesliga games :). There are two top-flight clubs, Strurm Graz and Graz AK.
3a. No prizes for guessing that the Governor of California hails from Graz.

Welcome Graz.

Id Mubarak :)

Id Mubarak to all of Hyderabad!

The two big festivals of two great religions being so close to each other is something to wonder about. May be things are not so different as they appear from outside. Add to that the fact that many non-muslims love eating ‘haleem’ the special preparation only available during the month of Ramzan and people light fire-crackers during Diwali time across faiths makes it even more amazing.

Historically thrrough its 400 year existence, Hyderabad has been an epitome of religious tolerance and secularism barring incidents every now and then, which are instigated by greedy politicians for their selfish means. But after every dark moment this city has come out ever stronger and better.

Wishing you all a happy Ramzan and please light any firecrackers/fireworks left-over from Diwali over the weekend.

HappY Diwali !!!

Happy DIwali To everyone!

I wish you all a very happy and safe Diwali. Be careful with the fireworks.

The scene around here is that the decibel levels are already gone with the raining firecrackers everywhere in the vicinity. I can see a lot of rockets and other fireworks go up into the air and explode in the sky. As a kid Diwali used to be the most anticipated festival of all. Solely cos of the fireworks.

Ok time to go and light some crackers :).

Happy Diwali people!!!

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